Ganesha experience

So per the ravens speech, I concluded to the idea of doing a road opening meditation/spell. I decided to do a Ganesha mantra meditation. In the meditation, I saw the colors green and purple, I saw a bird which intuition wise I wanna say is a pheonix or a falcon/hawk. I also feel lighter physically. Any feedback?


The Phoenix & the two colours being on almost opposite sides of the colour wheel may mean that a transmutation of some kind, alchemical maybe, is required to fully open the path?

Maybe a union/blending of opposites, within yourself? Maybe not actual polar opposites, given that green and purple are nbot exactly across from each other.

I looked up the meaning of the colors in a magickal sense and what I got was- one sec so I can double check this. However, the meanings are a bit widespread, as you said. Perhaps there needs to be a transformation of some kind.

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Found it, the reason you saw not-quite-opposite colours, I think:

Every Hindu God’s images represents some symbolic meanings. Here, the symbolism of the broken tusk is that the wise person is beyond duality.
Source: What is the story behind lord Ganesha's broken tusk? - Hinduism Stack Exchange

Maybe also a reminder to not see spiritual wisdom and prosperity as opposites.

That’s the same concept as the curve across the colour wheel. JMO. :smiley:


Makes sense

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