Ganesha 40 day discipline, will it work?

Are there other things that are needed before a 40 day, 108 mantra chant to Ganesha will work for a beginner.
I have not chanted to Ganesha before. So no 10,000 mantra empowerment, no sidhi/empowerment (I do not know the proper term) of any kind.

I do have a statue, candle, sweet incense (Frankincense &Myrrh, the Dhoop I ordered has not arrived) and a piece of candy for him.

I have also been doing his chant before any other work at my alter.

I am using the Om Hreeen Greeng Hreeng mantra. I am following what is in Baal Kadmon’s book.

Am I wasting my time and possibly Ganesha’s time if I have not done the preliminary work.

No, you’re fine. Ganesha is the preliminary work. He is the opener of the way and the remover of obstacles.

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@mark.nnnn Best way is to just do it and see what you experience.