Gambling magic to win it Big

Contemplating a specific method to work out small like winning weekly give away sand most important first steps of winning scratch-offs.

My limit is $20 a month or 20 1$ scratch offs.

Do I buy 1 each time I pass the target store on my daily trek or just all at once? Do I choose the same reel or different ones?
Which magicks should I venture? Tune casting? Robo-fish runes? Spirits and deals?

I usually stay away from money making via these ways but I’m just fed up with the tried and true job hunts, applications, etc etc just to be shut out due to no credit records, no reliable work history, references, age, disabilities etc etc. My tribe really pisses me off as I’m a roll member and technically a USA veteran but they wouldn’t even hire me for bus boy, dish washer, janitor, mule to pack luggage, or any of the low end tier casino jobs or anything. NOPE SHUT OUT! And their admin and case workers to help get an apartment totally failed with invalid info, not being available and worse, when I talked of suicide and my homelessness the dude I was seeing raised his hands in the air and said “hey we don’t magically have houses or options available. Get a job or get some credit!”

I’m like WTF?!?!and nothing since. I had finally had an apartment viewing but he gave me the wrong info on amount they’d help cover in fire needs. I had to apologize for the 4th time to this company and they dropped me like a lead balloon.

Was pretty close to drowning myself or jumping in front of a truck or something. Had to crawl back to the farm with the bee crazy pa and controlling ma who just seems more pessimistic than a bad case of mega nihilism.

So I have a roof and I can get some food. My ma complains she don’t have a driver to get her groceries (she bitched at the only lady who did help and now… nada).

So I’m going through my search routines and getting groceries best I can when I start thinking on the damn desperate move of gambling; a true loser situation in many cases.

It’s also a good time for experimentation since I’m relying entirely on divination and possibly spirit aid in choosing. My end game is to gamble at mytribal casino and keep winning MEGA BIG until they’re shut down or have to sell. Hell, just as well aim big enough to be vindictive on my greedy tribal admin fuckers.

They’re pretty vile and greedy and treat most of the lower tribals like crap while a certain family tribe legacy gets the spoils. They need a cursing and I need an outlet to bleed and drain this riff raff dry to the bones and dust.

It’s a far cry of anything I usually do. Usually it’s nature or animal spirit summons for such minor thinks. HI FIVE TO SKUNKIE DUDE!!! He’s destroying bee nests like a machine and salmon snacks he does get for a reward.

Considering some Asmodeus since he’s a gambler but I’ll pad my pockets. To legit bankrupt the tribe via “honest” gambling (albeit with spirit / magic help). That’s the sweet sauce. The money is just a bonus.

If you want money, find a way to start your own business.

If you want vengeance against those around you, find peace within yourself and rise above the situation.

If you want capital to start the business, be open and receptive to what comes and use magick to help you.

I sympathize with your situation, but your mind needs to be clear with good solutions.

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Everyone says find a way to start a business… are you fucking kidding me?! Oh yeah I just got capital flowing out my arse and the business management skills to develope a structured business. Oh the fees and loopholes and taxes and raw paperwork where I don’t have a fucking clue just to maybe get a business that is more than likely done better by another? Fuck! What’d be my platform for a business?

There is nothing I do that this world wants. FUCKING NOTHING! Several million to possibly a billion goods, services, ideas and the glut is overflowing.

It’s rather why the title is gambling. Sure business is a “gamble” so is the stock market, but I’m talking the games of Chance. And good solutions? Or should it be intentions? Meh, karma doesn’t flow the same for me… it’s usually opposite to just bad. It really doesn’t make a difference what choice I choose as the outcome is impossible to terrible.

I’ve got my rituals mostly set and plans on how and when. Just a few more articles I’ll look into. It’s still looking like a million : 1 lose rain but that’s down from several billion.

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What does the world near you want, that you might be able to do?


Near me… it wants homeless vagrants to die in the streets… it wants suicides, thefts, homicides, drug use, hatred, envy. It wants to further divide the classes through over taxation. It wants to crush the individual by assimilation and dominance of will. It wants to prey on the individuals and destroy them so the consensus ruling triad continues its supremacy. In truth… it wants death of spirit. For that I see a pattern that’s existed for millennia and it points to the prideful futility of mankind’s very existence. There is not worth in any being besides being a pathetic puppet. That’s all I have to offer… the nature of nothing.

“”Matter is the cause of evil because it exists… The source of evil, of the eclipse of the divine, is thus the creation of the material universe… the existence of creation.

“God does except me. It ends with me. I am its outer limit. Omni would be infinite if I would not exist.” “”


To be fair you can’t really destroy a casino by winning jackpots. They can (and do) control who gets a jackpot where and when. So if you started winning jackpot after jackpot, they’d just set the machines you play to not hit.

But isn’t magic and spirits the ability to breach the impossible of the standard laws and physics that rule the material world?

If some way the current vibes to where you can NOT lose and ALWAYS win then the lottery, casino, sweepstakes agencies of mankind couldn’t do shit to stop you from winning. Hell even the stock markets of the world if you were somehow absorbed into that.

Would it look sketchy as hell? YEP! But what are they going to do? Write a law that thou shalt not be a practitioner of spirits and magic? Maybe that’s why some… ahem… structured religions are against it.

Besides, that’s relatively tame just winning. Something more cataclysmic would be drawing the moon to collapse from orbit and smash into the planet or mars or Venus colliding into earth. Hell a nova or supernova.

Wouldn’t it be grand if all of mankind ceased to exist? I mean we are utterly worthless polluters and violators in all ways seeking to spread our virus that is us across the cosmos. The “fallen” would’ve correct that mankind is an insurmountable mistake; but then again ALL CREATION IS AN AFFRONT IMO!

See, the problem is magick does work.
It can change your chances up to your favor on gambling.

But. - the addictive issues of gambling are for you to spend more then you gain.

And even if you gain, and spend what you gained, you’ll still usually end up worse then before.

Besides, try for your own, do a divination to get lucky numbers.

You’ll see for yourself. :wink:



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