I was playing basketball with a few people from my elementary school, it was a normal game except there was a bunch of people in all the courts and on the field, this was outside and it was cloudy. Next thing I know Im surrounded by girls and I don’t remember much but one of them stuck their hands in my shirt, once again, I didn’t know who I was so I was on autopilot, was very embarrassed and ran away from them (lol). they were 100% succubuses

next thing i know Im in a classroom and I believe before I went to bed I asked Hecate to grant me lucidity while in the kliffa, she said she would but she didnt. I was on the verge of remembering myself, saying which college I went to and shit to my classmates, then the world started to end, some students said the sky was falling, I run outside, the clouds are black and moving like a blanket across the sky, there was a dark avalanche and the world was mirrored, I remember usually seeing the mansions in my city towards the north, but this time they were towards the north

nothing ended up happening, I did some sexual things but I can’t disclose the rest

not what I was expecting, definitely expecting the world to be like nahemoth, but the world felt familiar