Gallifreyan inspired Sigil made for Azazel with his chant

A long time ago I happened to read a certain article written by Raven (Serpents Key). It was later made also into a video. It spoke about a certain incantation that fires the black flame given by Azazel. I had wonderful visionary experiences and much more. So lately I found myself wanting to draw something nice and maybe “geeky” xD. I choose the Gallifreyan Script from a show called Doctor Who to make a sigil for that Incantation. I tried it for the past week since I made it and I charged it by simply reciting the incantation over it.

Every night it gave pulses in the room and a feel of subtle energy coming as the darkness of the night fell. To this day it still feels as if someone is watching or something. At times it feels as many entities lurk in the shadows but the serene feeling that I get made me wanting to share it here with you guys. The incantation is “Nats ferata infernum Negra” and here is the link to the vid all props to her:(- YouTube)

So here is the pic folks hope you like it and please give your feedback if you do try it. For anyone that likes this method of “sigilisation” you can PM for a custom design.



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Thank you~