Gallery Of Magick

What do you think of them and their systems?

I’ve encountered so many people saying that it’s a good “entry point” and wonderful for beginners, yet I’ve never heard someone say that it’s a good choice for advanced practicioners. Is it because the material is plug-and-play formatted? From what I understand, their systems are largely based on private grimoires and very sound practical kabbalah principles. I don’t get why many people think it’s “capped” at a certain level of power.

What do you think? Is GoM suitable for an advanced magician? What would you say is a system fit for those experienced in magick?


Yes, the work of the Gallery of Magick is suitable for the advanced magician.

I would disagree with this. You get out of it what you put into it, like any system. Personally, my opinion is that anyone who thinks it’s capped at a certain level of power doesn’t really understand the true depths of what the Gallery has done, and only uses the most superficial layer.


I agree with DK on this one.

GoM books are easy to read and easy to put into practice, and as DK said, you get out of them what you put into them.

Some people have issues with the Demons of Magick system specifically; thinking it’s offensive to conjure or speak with demons under the names of Shem angels, but they have no problems using the Solomonic method of conjuration, which, to my understanding, involves instilling fear of demons into you, then telling you to summon the demon constrained into a small physical space, and in many cases, either threatening or cajoling them with all manner of things until they submit to work for you. Kind of a question of how employers get the best out of their workers – do you give them clear guidelines and good managers, or do you trap them in a room and yell at them until they comply? :thinking:

Gallery of Magick books are great. Demons of Magick is one of my all-time favourites, as is Archangels of Magick, and I would recommend them to beginners and long-time practitioners alike.


It is not for only beginners. There work is solid all the way around. I’d even argue books like Demons of Magick (ritual 3) is somewhat advanced. They just cut through a lot of the ceremonial stuff.


pretty good books.quality content and some books,they have nothing to do with spirits(sigils of power and transformation,one of my long time fav).
ps:im a begginer

As I’m just starting I find them to be quite interesting and easy to follow. :relaxed:

I also find GW’s take on their powers to be accurate and thought provoking.

I don’t claim to be any kind of expert, but in my view the work of the gallery is applicable at any level. I think that people often mistake the fact that its beginner friendly as meaning its only of value to beginners. To me that’s like saying that petrol, indicator lights and a steering wheel are only useful to learner drivers.
My only frustration with GoM (and this is my issue, not a problem with their work) is that so many of their processes are highly emotional transmutation dependent (and I happen to suck at that),
Personally, I am very grateful to the GoM authors for their work and (despite my emotional transmutation limitations) I would be far less progressed on my path without them.