Gallery of Magick question

Is it just my gut feeling or GoM’s books seem like chaos magick?
They are presented as oversimplified and yet result oriented high magick books, but the fact that most rituals involves Sigils gazing, emotional transmutation and forgetting about the work done, would it not implie just a chaos magick method?
That could explain why in many occultism and high magick forums, they are so criticized.

My bad if interpretations are wrong.
Please explain to me why.

No, the Gallery are not chaos magick, though they did release a book on that paradigm by Adam Blackthorne. The majority of their work is Kabbalistic, researched from old sources, tested over the course of years, and released in a simple to use format. They always provide information on what their magick is derived from in the bibliography they provide in each book, so if someone wants to reinvent the wheel and trace its origins, the path is there. And please note, “sigil gazing” is not something taken from Chaos Magick. The technique has been around much, much longer than that. And no Chaos Magick book or website I’ve ever read has talked about emotional transmutation as Spare-style sigils, the staple of Chaos, don’t require it.

They are criticized because their magick is simple to use, popular, and it works. A lot of people like to make magick overly complicated, for no real reason other than to make themselves seem superior to others. I like ceremonial magick, and practice it myself, but frankly, a lot of those who practice “high magick” are nothing but pompous asshats, who think that if you don’t do magick their way, then your magick is somehow inferior.


It is actually similar to Zen meditation and scrying.

Yeah, I feel the same way. That’s why I actually like some of the techniques used in Hoodoo and Wicca even though I also started out in ceremonial magick. I still refer to the Golden Dawn books and the book Modern Magick by DMK from time to time.

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It seems so simple that I often add things to it just to make it feel like I did something. Their rituals probably work for a lot of people who do not doubt the process. I add to it to trick myself into not doubting it.

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Yeah i feel you.

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