Gallery of Magick books. Wealth magick. Disruptive effects

I have been reading about the books of Gallery of Magick. They seem to be very interesting, and I would like to know some aspects of them.
what´s the philosophy of these books, I have read that they are specially suited for beginners.
Are they a modern adaptation of old magick books or a a totally new and original creation?

An important thing: it seems that the type of magick contained in their pages is powerful but very safe, as no disruptive effects can arise from them. However, I also have read that Weal MAgick by Damon Brand has provoked some disruptive and hard effects(although it was the beginning og later positive effects). Let me know, please.

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The books by the Gallery of Magick are derived from traditional Kabbalisitc magick. However, the sigils used in the work were specifically created by the members of the Gallery and are original to that group.

Damon Brand’s book Wealth Magick is designed to create an entire overhaul of one’s life, and that cannot be done without disruption and chaos. Change is never easy, and massive change even less so. When you ask Elubetal, the Angel of Omnipotence, to move in your life, you can’t expect to remain in your comfort zone.


I’ve only done the first two rituals of that book but any bad effect from it. On the contrary.

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Wealth Magick is definitely one of the more disruptive books I’ve worked with, so you may not want to work with it until you get a little more experience with magick. The second ritual (with the Angels of Omnipotence) more-or-less forced some very large changes into my life in a very short span of time, and I believe that they continue to work in my life even now, a few years after performing the working.

You’ll be jumping into the deep end, but if you feel like doing it then I say go ahead and start working with the book. It will completely transform how you think about money and your life as a whole, and if that sounds like something you want to experience, then go for it. Magick will never give you something that you aren’t ready for or can’t handle, so you don’t need to worry about safety or anything.

And in case you are curious, some of the magick from the book is based on material from The 6th and 7th Books of Moses, The Black Pullet, The Grimoire Verum, and likely various works on Kabbalah (for the Raziel ritual). Some of the incantations and sigils are lifted directly from the old grimoires, but a lot of the magick is a result of modern innovations.


Yes before giving you what you want Elubatel usually takes things that might be in the way… Sometimes is relationship, sometimes is a low paying job (you can’t get rich working at MacDonalds), sometimes your old laptop that you spend too much time in it doing nothing instead of doing what you have to do in order to get a what you want (my case).
But in my experience the end result tends to be better than the original state. Besides in that book you wont work with Elubatel alone. If i’m not mistaken there are two other higher angels there to kinda make things “safer”


That was definitely my experience. I was compelled to finally end a relationship I knew wasn’t good for me, and through a rather strange ordeal ended up being able to completely change my career trajectory.

I think this ritual can be scary because it is sometimes necessary to close doors before new ones can be opened.



But hey, Big E does deliver right? Are you better now than you were before? (financially)

To the OP, if you’re just looking for an extra few bucks here and there and you dont want your life to change otherwise… there are better ways of going about it. Try the Magickal Cashbook from the same author. Nitika is great spirit to help you get some extra cash here and there. Some extra 20, 50… a couple hundreds… and a few thousands…

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Big E certainly does deliver. I haven’t yet experienced a huge growth in income, but I have experienced a huge change in the work that I do and the career path that I am on. The salary for the previous job I was working towards would never have been higher than a couple hundred thousand, and that would be after making far far less than that for many many years.

Money is not the only reason why I changed careers, but it is a reason. Now I am more into business, and especially investing. There is essentially infinite potential growth possible with investing, so the game for me now is building up my net worth to the point where I can sustainably maintain and expand a certain lifestyle while only relying on my own investing activities for growing my wealth.

I think of this approach as more of the “water” approach because of the more fluid nature of investing. The “earth” approach is to build a large, stable company. I don’t think I want to spend my entire life going hard in the business world, so investing is more appealing to me since it will allow me the freedom to do however much “business work” I want to do. That way, if I want to really push and grow my wealth I can, or if I feel like spending 6 months in Japan intensively learning martial arts all day every day or something I could totally do that too. I can see the appeal of growing your one corporate Empire for your entire life, but I’m built for a different lifestyle.

I think the trickiest part is just getting through to wherever you want to end up being, whether that’s running a thriving business or being worth a certain amount or working a certain career ladder or whatever. I know one approach is to start a business with the end goal of selling it, and another is to work in a high-paying industry with the potential for big bonuses or commissions or other such opportunities. Some way of opening the potential for a huge windfall seems important.


to the OP again, you could try work with Sitael and Hariel while doing the work from the Wealth Magick book.
Sitael can help you against adversities and finding employment. Hariel (other than help improving your Magickal powers) helps with a peaceful life at home and finding pathway that is more peaceful.
I’m not sure how those would work together but… it’s something to consider if you’re just “scared” of Elubatel…

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Thanks you all for your interesting answers.

My intention, or plan is this: I don´t want a disruption. The only disruption I would be prepared for would be to win a big amount the lottery. Other forms of disruption no.
My money magick wish is, as I say, firstly, if it would be possible, to win the lottery , or at least to be stable, with enough and decent incomes for paying all my bills and having free time to study magick , philosophy, etc.

So, acording these needings, you can now give more accurate advices. Thanks

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Among all Gallery of Magicks´ and Damon brand´s books is Wealth Magick the only disruptive one? All the other books are safe for beginners?

You’re not going to win the lottery. That is not going to happen. Do you know how many people play in the lottery? And how many of them do you think are also doing gambling spells? Magick can shift the odds your way, but there’s only so much it can do when your chances are so close to 0 it’s barely worth calculating.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you don’t make much money. I’m not trying to be a dick, I’m trying to help you. If you don’t make any money now, then you need things to change. You need disruption because otherwise I doubt that you are going to change.

It is possible for you to earn more money and become more financially savvy, but if you expect a big pile of gold to show up in your mailbox you are deluding yourself into believing that magick is going to miraculously fix all your problems for you while you sit around all day doing nothing to advance your position in life. You have to do something.

I get it, these are tough times, but if you don’t do something for yourself no-one is going to come along and save you.

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“You’re not going to win the lottery. That is not going to happen. Do you know how many people play in the lottery?”

I know is difficult but, the ones who will win tomorrow enormous amounts of money surely are thinking and saying the same at this moment,although within 24h will be rich :slightly_smiling_face:


Think of it like this. There are two games. In the first game, you have a 1/10 chance of winning $100, and a 9/10 chance of being shot in the head. You can play as much as you want. In the second game, you have an 8/10 chance of winning $10, and a 2/10 chance of losing $1. You can play once per day. Which game do you play?

The lottery is a parasite designed to keep people like you in poverty. It milks the financially uneducated out of their money because they cannot see any other way of making money and getting out of their situation.

According to Google, around 90 million people play in the lottery (and I don’t believe that’s number of tickets, that’s number of people). That is 90,000,000 people. You are 1 person. You have less than 1/90,000,000 chances of winning, but you are so desperate for money and so deluded by cognitive bias that you see whoever wins on TV every year and then think that there is some chance of that being you. Well, you’re not wrong, there is less than 0.00000001% chance that you will win.

Let’s just say that you continue to waste away on unemployment every day for another 20 years and then finally win that 0.00000001% chance. Odds are you will very quickly blow all the money and end up exactly where you started - poor and unemployed. This is what usually happens to lottery winners. People who play in the lottery tend to be poor and without the financial skills to handle that much money, so they spend it all on stupid stuff without investing any of it.

Wealth Magick is not going to help you win the lottery. it is going to help you build a career that grows and expands over time. It can help you get a job and then work your way up. Or you can keep giving your money to parasites. Let’s talk in five years and compare our net worths :slightly_smiling_face:

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Some though love here i’m seeing lol

On a different note… when people hear disruption they tend to think this is what may happen:

But angels dont work like that. As though as Elubatel can be, he wont literally make you lose everything. Usually for what i noticed he wont rustle you more than you can handle

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Since the last time we were talking there are a bunch of new very rich men and women thanks to lottery all over the world. Neither of them thought that there was an acceptable chance to win some days ago. I continue thinking that lottery of course can´t be your only objetive. IT is one more. And I believe it is logical to consider lottery as one moreamong many of the ways through which magick can deliver and manifest money. In regard to disruption, I -like many people- look for a magick scalable model, a middle point, which allow wealth gaining consistency, step by step, not by disruption. So that´s the style and type of magick I am looking for( and many readers of this forum), and that´s the reason I am so interested to know if Gallery of Magick books are all safe or not. Thanks


I’m resisting the urge right now to tear into you as much as I could because my goal is to help you. Sorry, I haven’t had a fresh enemy in a bit and it’s making me a little antsy.

You claim to be afraid of disruption yet you want your life to be supremely disrupted by winning a million bucks or whatever by doing absolutely nothing. You aren’t afraid of disruption, you are afraid of life.

If the lottery was a reliable pathway for making the magician rich, I and literally everyone else here would be quite rich already. Gambling is a fucking terrible way of “diversifying” your assets and your money magick. Do I really need to explain why? I can if you are still resisting.

Wealth Magick is what you want if you really are interested in gradually growing your income, step by step. Whenever you move up to a new level of income, your life is disrupted. Things change. That’s all that disruption is - change. If you can’t handle change, your income will stay exactly the same.

I’m not saying that you cannot win money by gambling, that is technically possible, and I have done magick to improve my luck before an evening of blackjack. I still lost all my money, as expected, but it lasted longer than it should have. How exactly do you think casinos turn such high profits, year after year? By making all the gambling-addicts rich?

I will say it again. The lottery preys on the financially uneducated. That would be you. If you want to be less uneducated, here is a good youtube channel about finance and investing.

What a lot of newbies here want (nice attempt at an appeal to the people btw) is for magick to be this magic little button that you push and then a secret door opens from your ceiling and showers of money and hot sex partners come falling out all over you. Magick can do a lot more than you might expect, but people don’t want to be told that they should go to business school or a code bootcamp or something (but that means I have to study and not just fuck-off and vape beneath a bridge or something :sob: :sob:, gonna use a few more of these actually :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: cause people who cry and cry all fucking day about their shitty life while doing absolutely nothing to improve it annoy the shit out of me as someone who for whatever reason takes time out of their day to do this) and workout and actually live their life with a fucking plan (thinking ahead, absolute insanity) that makes logical sense and can reliably (1/90,000,000 is not fucking reliable) get them to where they want to be.

Yeah I stopped resisting. Sorry it was you. (and this is my thing (you can use it if you really want to I guess (let’s do a triple why not haven’t done that before)))


Hahaha wouldn’t that be awesome!

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