Gallery Of Magick books not working for me

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I’d suggest you start afresh using Henry Archers 7 Occult Money Riches.
Do the 1st ritual to reject personal poverty for a week then go to the next one till the 4th one.

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Can u explain more about if your emotions are bad what do u mean? Than it won’t work or the situation will get worse?

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Said it before Ill say it again - you cant have both ways.
IF they know your business is limited it will be destroyed, you’ll be on your ass, motivated to try again - THAT business will be a success - this is how it works. You cant live like the queen and not expect to be royalty!

You cannot take a rock and turn it into a Chicken. You want a chicken you need to throw the rck in the pond make a wish. … you then see an animal crossing the road - OMG It s a chicken! Why its crossing the road is up for comical debate but you lose the rocks, you gained a chicken,


You said you have Demons of Magick, right? I think maybe evoking Vine or some other demon by using ritual 3 and asking them for advise would work. I haven’t used it yet but planning to work with Vine for an extended period of time to take my magick to the next level.


Funny as I’ve had a similar experience. Apart from the Angels of Wrath book, in which the angels are generally attack Angels, I’ve not had much success with Angels. But I have with demons and the Olympic Spirits.

The main difficulty is trying to provoke and control emotions during the ritual.
I’m an avoidant personality and also bit depressive. So most my life i ignored, neglected or buried inside all my emotions were they good or bad(mostly they were bad, like sadness sorrow helplesness weakness shyness ecc.).
So during those rituals i find really difficult to provoke or to control emotions.

Try micro-enchantment spells, great for daily activity and working on self or bringing desire closer.

Brushing Teeth or Mouth Wash Cleanse
Simply imagine all the problems in your life, limited beliefs, current issues and fears being brushed away from your mouth and a white light filling your mouth and cleansing your and your entire being. Then spit out all the badness into the sink and feel relief as you wash it down the drain. If mouth wash then think of the wash being a white divine light washing away all the same issues as above and spitting them out. Do this each day and see what happens.

Putting clothes on - Shielding
Imagine your clothes as armor that are to shield you from negative forces and energy and give protection to your body and psyche. Really picture the clothes as a solid armor that wont allow any negative forces or energy to pass you and each time you look down at your clothes imagine this.

Face Wash - Cleansing
Imagine your morning face wash or evening face wash etc as a blanket of divine golden light rinsing your face and in doing so making you feel good, abundant, beautiful, attractive and bringing back your positive emotions. Or use to wash away the negative emotions and feelings or anything negative from within day and cleanse you of those issues.

Glass of water - Attraction
When you drink water imagine what you desire becoming apart of your very soul and encompassing your being and being manifest. Feel the energy of it flow into you and become even closer and stronger.

Piss your problems away
Ok each time you go for a wee or a crap simply imagine all your inner problems, fears, anxiety, what you dont want all washing away and out of you. Imagine a white light filling that void then with love, abundance, power, energy, things you want etc and feel the relief of the bad going. Then see those problems wash away as you flush toilet.

Food - Power
Imagine your food glowing with sparkling golden light of pure energy and power. That when you eat each bit and take each mouthful feel the power enrich your entire body with magickal power and pure divine energy. Do this slowly and enjoy it. Puts you in the now and also allows you to stop over indulgence as you savor each mouthful more.

Spray perfume - Attraction
Imagine as you spray perfume on it will attract abundance and wealth to you. That money will smell your perfume and attract itself to you. Each time you smell the perfume on yourself just remind yourself of this and feel confident in it.

Before you sleep
Before you sleep imagine what you want, see and visualize it in detail as having it as you feel tired and sleepy and try hold on to it until you drift off… bypass conscious into subconscious.

Wake up and still feel sleepy
Try think of what you want as having it again or visualizing it and incorporating into current or what you desire for that day. Then feel grateful for it and get up.

Shower - Cleanse
Imagine the shower as carrying the power to wash away all the worries, internal conflict, doubt, fear and see them wash down your drain and feel the cleansing power relax and fulfill you.

Do this daily!

To add - You can even add on mantras to these things or worded elements to help like for instance a drink. Oh divine light fulfill and expand throughout this drink and bring me pure energy to sustain me and my entire being throughout the day. Wash away all inequities and cleanse my body of negative energy. Fulfill all my desires and cast forth my will unto reality, so mote it be or Amen.’


Did anyone here manage to work and habe results with GOM’s book?

Yes, there are plenty of people here who have had success with GOM books, myself included.

I know. I was talking to the ones that were struggling here.
Because GOM’s still doesn’t work for me.

That’s normal. Because everyone’s energy system and subconscious is slightly different:, what resonates and works for us is different person to person.

This is why UPG is never taken as fact: it’s not that it doesn’t work for the person with new UPG, nobody is saying they lie, but just because it works for one person doesn’t mean it works for everyone.

In the case of published books, generally more people have tried it and found it worked, so there’s a reasonable chance it will work for more people than not, but it’s still subject to individuality.

Then I would say, trust that, accept that this just isn’t your bag and do something else. You may find out later what the reason is, or you may never. You might come back to it in a couple of years and find a way to edit it to work for you. I personally edit most of other people’s rituals to suit my own energy and my understanding. But you want to try other systems and build your knowledge to get that info anyway.


Hello. Checked you for some limitations. You have some psychological blocks like not worthy, fear of being discovered, some stuff about your dad, Magick not being real and the people here being under a placebo effect, wondering if it’ll work in the dating scene etc
I erased some, but i suggest you learn how to manage negative thoughts. Hypnosis would be a good start. Good luck.

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What you mean you removed it.

Hi king, if you’re keen to practice checking people for limitations, I am keen to volunteer. More self insight is always good.