Gallery Of Magick books not working for me

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I’d suggest you start afresh using Henry Archers 7 Occult Money Riches.
Do the 1st ritual to reject personal poverty for a week then go to the next one till the 4th one.

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Can u explain more about if your emotions are bad what do u mean? Than it won’t work or the situation will get worse?

Hi there @Apswanson08, that member’s account has been suspended over 2 years ago, so they won’t be able to respond to your questions. If you click on the person’s avatar or picture, you can see a popup pf their profile and when they were last online here.

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Said it before Ill say it again - you cant have both ways.
IF they know your business is limited it will be destroyed, you’ll be on your ass, motivated to try again - THAT business will be a success - this is how it works. You cant live like the queen and not expect to be royalty!

You cannot take a rock and turn it into a Chicken. You want a chicken you need to throw the rck in the pond make a wish. … you then see an animal crossing the road - OMG It s a chicken! Why its crossing the road is up for comical debate but you lose the rocks, you gained a chicken,


You said you have Demons of Magick, right? I think maybe evoking Vine or some other demon by using ritual 3 and asking them for advise would work. I haven’t used it yet but planning to work with Vine for an extended period of time to take my magick to the next level.

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