Gallery of magic real?

Ok so i have been watching this you tube chanel called the order of dark arts well they had some good stuff to SAY abd where promoting a book called Demons of Magick its 3 rituials i bout it and finally got it it says to constrian the Demons i dont ever and the book Auther is Gordon Winterfied Gallery of magick well i cant find the chanel someone took it down was the whole thing a scam anybody kno let me kno please

Please use the search function.

There are many threads about the efficacy of the Gallery of Magick books, and Demons of Magick in particular. Many here have had great success with it.

Yea but i thout younot supposed to force them dont even sound right iam going to trust something to help me but i dont trust them??? Really??

If you actually read the book, or at least do a search and read the threads as I recommended, you would know that you’re NOT forcing the spirits to do anything. The angels provide the structure for the demons, but they do not constrain them.

Here is a direct quote from the book talking about this very thing:

“The methods in this book work most effectively when you follow the instructions without modification. If you maintain an interest in magick, you will undoubtedly encounter personalities who promote using this magick without incorporating the angels. Some claim the demons resent the angels and resist them. There are suggestions if you rid the magick of these meddling angels, you will find your own personal demon and greater power. Nothing could be further from the truth.
A point often missed is that without the angelic emissaries, the magick is considerably weakened. Demons are part of an established hierarchy. They are wiling to work within this hierarchy. They are
not like the demons in fairy tales, thrashing and hissing as they are chained by the angels. To believe this is to misunderstand the magick. All members of the Gallery of Magick, along with many respected occultists, have worked with angels and demons in combination for decades. We have experienced the immense power and dignity of the demons when they are called through the angels.”

Use the book, or don’t use the book, the choice is yours. However, it is valid, and powerful magick.


I am one of those people who prefer not to use any Angelic influences. And frankly - I have had success with it. I have found demons to be really open and willing to talk.

All that being said, I will not dispute that DoM is very effective used exactly as it is. I used it myself. Admittedly I have modified my approach and their method but a LOT of what they instructed to be used is what I still use. I still try to evoke using all the same imagery, smells and tactile approaches they mentioned in the book. I tend to take the demon sigil OUT of the angelic circle before using it though.

Don’t get me wrong - I have nothing against angels at all. I’ve called upon them as well. And I have used several of GoMs books for that. I have no idea who the GoM actually are. They could be a room full of pubescent teenagers for all I know or even 1 single pubescent teen pretending to be a group. I have no idea. But they did do their homework and their methods do clearly work.


Gallery of Magick (which has some awesome books) is not associated with the Order of the Dark Arts, which (IMO) is a total scam. Their FB group is the epitome of cultish groupthink wherein they literally believe they’re talking to Lucifer and other demons through the “Alex Wheat” account, and anyone who dares to say differently gets banned. Oh yeah, and they claim the best way to contact and work with these spirits is to buy their ridiculously overpriced demonic pendants.


Agreed. The reason some people believed there was a connection between the now almost completely and thankfully DEFUNCT “Order of the Dark Sharts” is because there used to be a FB group called 'Loyal Friends of The Gallery of Magick" that was populated by sincere fans of the books who went there for discussion purposes. That group was actually HIJACKED by the “Order of The Platinum Blonde Tart” who began selling her fake wares and basically shat on the GoM fans. But, as Karma is often a bitch - the “Dis-Order of The Dark Twats” has all but fallen apart completely. Their fraud was discovered by it’s members and eventually exposed by a group Admin as well who left the group and now puts out Youtube videos about it.

End of the story? GoM is real and it works. The other group is basically defunct and was never actually associated with GoM at all. GoM was informed about the hijacking of the fan group on FB who (long time ago) put a disclaimer on their website stating they are in no way associated with that group.


i have used many if not all of gallery of magic books and according to my experience their systems works quite effectively…
so no need to have worries over their system of magic


Omg thanks i actually loved my demons of magick book and iam sooo glad to here this news


No, you don’t force them, even with the rituals in that book. The constraining isn’t about force. It’s about empowerment. Empowering and focusing the demons with regards to your task. The angels are there to empower and assist the demon.

The reason Gordon writes what he writes about fear and protection, is to help the newbies who are often full of fear about working with demons.

Btw I’ve used the GoM rituals for quite some time and they’re 100% legit.


Outside of the GoM but working in a very similar way is Baal Kadmon’s materials. Again, he’s not one of the GoM authors but one could easily mistake him for one. He approaches rituals the same way, “Let’s see how can I take a 1000 year old and bloody difficult ritual and make it much simpler yet equally as effective?”.

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I have that book too. Just my opinion for what it is worth - you can use the angelic parts or not. Up to you. As you can see in EAK’s materials - he never uses angelic materials or bindings. We all know his methods work well. But then again, as we have all demonstrated to ourselves - the DoM method (with angelic material) also works and very effectively. As someone else mentioned - GoM may have included the angelic materials to give magicians who have been fearful of working with demons a greater sense of security. And I will be the first to admit - when I got started with demons - I would not have tried it any other way. I was one of those who needed that sort of “security blanket”. i can’t remember exactly when I decided to jump in with both feet and no angelic restraints. I will say that demons are extremely approachable. I have come to the point when I do not exactly do rituals and ceremonies so much. I will sit in one of EAK’s really well designed circles, in a really comfortable chair, sometimes with candles, sometimes without meditate using binaural beats and simply “mentally” ask a demon to join me. Then we will have a frank and open conversation, again mentally, not very often speaking out loud. Then I will thank them for listening and wait for results.

Do I do sacrifices or offerings? Yes. I normally use my own blood on a printed sigil representing the demon I called. Then I will burn it after the session. But that’s just me. And the ironic part is that my personality is one that really seems to historically have needed staunch adherence to rituals and procedures. Not so much now. I could be wrong but I think a sincere and respectful, sometimes friendly approach to these demons seems to work wonders. But there always seems to need to be a trade off. If we are going to ask them for something - it is only fair that we offer something in return. After all, we are asking them for help with matters we cannot handle on our own. And they are not servants. They have been around way longer than we have. If we need a servant then servitor magick is probably the better way to go. If we create them - we are the boss. LOL

Again, just me, I would never presume to COMMAND any demon. Putting myself in their shoes I would quickly tell some human who has only been around for a few decades to piss up a rope if they came at me with that attitude. Or worst. I might be so pissed off that I want to teach them a lesson in respect. On the flip side, if they came at me in a respectful way asking for help and not acting like a scared little asshole - I would be inclined to help them out.

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It is expected that you command the demon, angel, or most types of entity. You can command in a respectful manner.

Commanding isn’t the same thing as DEMANDING. :wink: Believe me, I’ve done both, and there is a line there, but commanding is definitely the thing to do! I’ve been TOLD by Azazel, Abaddon, and Belial to COMMAND them. And I do - with ease. And they do not have an issue with it.

So I don’t know why you’re reluctant to command them (respectfully). Maybe you think they’ll kick your ass, because that’s what you’d do in their place? Doesn’t make sense, since they don’t have the same mentality as you do.


I dont knoi just wanted to kno how to do it and do it right??

Thanks so much for that input anither thing do youhave any advice on how toquickly open my third eye

If you’re not sure, they’re happy to guide, ime. Just ask.

Just don’t be grovelling and acting like you need their permission. lol

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Do you have any sugestions on how to open your 3rd eye?

Can someone say, exactly which GOM book is being referred to?

Have you tried any kind of middle pillar meditation ritual? This does not have to be the traditional middle pillar with the Hebrew names. Use words or God/dess names that fit with your practice. I would just make sure that they are appropriate for the different psychic centers in your body.

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