Gaining the Charisma of Alcibiades, The Man Who Cucked Sparta [Question/Discussion]

Alcibiades was a statesman, politician, and general of Athens around 450 BC. Alcibiades was known as the most attractive man on earth. Every night women would line up at his door to pay him to have sex with him. Even Socrates, one the founders of philosophy, tried to have sex with him and wrote about it. Because of his charisma and attractiveness, people would do just about anything he said.

During peacetime between Athens and Sparta, there was a conflict between Sicily, a place allied with Athens. and Syracuse, a place allied with Sparta. Sicily asked Athens for help, and just about everyone said that Athens shouldn’t be involved because they want to avoid an all out war with Sparta. Alcibiades has something else in mind,

“Fuck all that shit, lets just conquer both places, because fuck the consequences.”

And everyone decided to go with his very very bad idea because of his looks. And so he got to command the Navy and take over Sicily. The god Hermès, is known to be a god that watches over travel, so it would be a very bad idea to upset such a spirit before a long journey. But for some reason, The night before, Alcibiades destroyed all the statues of Hermès in the city of Athens, because “Fuck you I’m Alcibiades”, that’s why.” And so he led the fleet the next morning but while on his voyage he was called back to Athens to stand trial for destroying all the statues. So instead of going back he said “Fuck it” and went straight for Sparta. Where he then gave the King of Sparta everything he knew about the Athens Military. He became a personal advisor to the King of Athens, until Alcibiades fucked the King of Spartas wife.

Once it was found out Alcibiades ran to Persia, where he came a personal advisor to the King there. So he was one of the highest ranks of Athens, Sparta, and Persia from his charisma alone.

He decided to go back to Athens and all charges of treason was dropped because he was that well liked. And then from there he became one of the most powerful politicians in Athens again, and went back to banging other people’s wives.

Alcibiades, the man who cucked Sparta.

I do not believe that you can have that level of charisma from non-magick all means alone. I believe he called about Gods and spirits to get to that level. My life goal (among others), is to try to get as good looking and charismatic as that man. Is there anything good on helping gaining lots of charisma and good looks? Does anyone have similar goals that would like to join a discussion group?


Glamour magick. Lots of manipulation magick and learning how to alter everyone’s perception of you.

I know little about Greek history. However, this much I do know: sexual attraction is driven by something in the consciousness of those involved. Goo looks don’t mean sexual attraction: I have discovered that there are many women I’d label “beautiful” but, by that, I mean “put her in a museum” type of looks: I’ve never felt the slightest inclination to shag them.

If you want sure fire, 100% guaranteed sex with anyone: you need a 100% degree of conviction of your sexual attractiveness overruling all else. Nothing else will cut it. Coming in a close second is genuine calm in all seduction situations.

It is possible he used magic to shift consciousness because rituals are very potent tools. However, when you have this degree of charisma, you must have rock-solid belief system that supports it. You can acquire that in many different ways, not necessarily magical.

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Most importantly: altering your perception of yourself which takes care of the lot. :slight_smile:

Of course, confidence plays a huge role in charisma, but it’s not everything

Depends on how you define it. I define charisma as the effect of your individual self-concept. You are always charismatic in perfect proportion to your consciousness. Basically, authentically change your belief system and you will experience whatever you desire.


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Do what Hitler Did for Charisma

Really WORK with the Solar Forces and the Black Sun.
Create a Dedicated temple to the shit. Nothing else but it.

Evoke Fiery Beings such as Seraphim. They will give you massive amounts of Charisma that only builds with each successive evocation.

Work with Djinn and Demons…again, a massive increase in Charisma.

Meditate and do Major energy work on your Solar Plexus and Root chakras.

Learn the Evil Eye and get it down to such a degree that you change peoples perception of you automatically just by being there.

Everything else is a cakewalk

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On the non-magickal side of things I’d recommend Robert Greene’s books 48 Laws of Power and The Art of Seduction.

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I knew this would rapidly go politcal because of the title, and no offence meant but mentioning the Führer just confirms it.

Sorry, but you have to have charisma etc by your own standards, recourse to the past (and terms like “cucked”) just raises old ghosts,.