Gahdiel from NAP

Does anyone know what Gahdiel’s sigil is?

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If the mighty Google can’t help you find one, you can always make your own using the Rose Cross.


Already tried Google. Keeps turning up generic info for the Archangel Gadiel. Not sure if that’s the same angel.

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It most likely is the same, but as I said, you can always create your own sigil for the spirit by tracing its name upon something like the Rose Cross.

It should be noted that not every spirit has a known seal. NAP calls upon a lot of lesser known spirits through meditation and invocation, so a seal may not be known for those spirits. Damon Brand states in his “Magical Cashbook” that the seal given therein for the spirit Nitika is the only one he knows of, but he doesn’t say if he found it or created it. In the book “Summoning Spirits” by Konstnatinos, a lot of the seals given for the 50 spirits mentioned in the book, were created by the author using the Rose Cross.


That’s what I thought. But I’m not sure if I need to use Gahdiel’s name written in Hebrew, in order to create the sigil using the Rose Cross?

No, you don’t have to use the Hebrew. You can use the English version of the Rose Cross instead (I believe the website I linked previously provides both).

The Rose Cross is a staple of the Golden Dawn system, and they use a watered down version of the Kabbalah. Hebrew is considered to be a “magical” language in itself, which is why it is used on the Rose Cross, but I have found the English alphabet works just as well. I have also seen an Enochian version of the Rose Cross, so it seems any language can be used to trace out seals on the Cross. It just depends on preference.


Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Let’s keep this as documentation