Gaea (Gaia) and Lucifer

I was evoking Gaia to further my understanding of her and to get a feel for her energy (I plan on evocating her for a friend who wants me to as an experiment to see if he can feel her energy when I can). She came to me today when I was meditating around noon and she was beautiful. She told me that Lucifer was using dark energy and she didn’t want me to mess with “foul” energy. I pledged my allegiance to Lucifer in front of her and she left. Then Lucifer (I’ve done a possession with him so I can contact him easily) contacted me and told me dark energy is just energy. It’s just the opposite from light and is humans put meaning to “light” and “dark” and allowed me to be swallowed by darkness. It was so intense I had to snap out of it. I felt like I would go into wherever I was going. I wasn’t strong enough to see where it would take me. What do you guys think this all means?

First of all, there’s no dark or light energy, as many think. Energy is just energy.

Also, as far as I know, Lucifer should have a good relationship with Gaia.


Well, I got the impression that Gaia isn’t this friendly being that almost everyone purports her to be. She has her own agenda, and light energy is probably what she needs for her evolution or to be saved. She probably is guilt tripping you lol.

I wouldn’t have replied normally, but I was prompted by a spirit very close to Lucifer to say to you @SSS that what you evoked was a ”distorted version“ of Gaia. These words just came to me right now.


@Lux_Tenebris I also think that’s the case.


I second that too.

She is a primordial being and deserves all the respect that entails.


How do I tell the difference between distorts and real ones?

I just thought of something the distorted vision thing. I use marijuana and I usually meditate when I am on it but before I was doing that I never had any problems with spirits or anything like that, so would that cause me any problems?

A while back, Bune warned me about working with Azazel. She has never been wrong yet.

And, Azazel has never caused me any issues.

So if Gaia has a warning about Lucifer, there must be a reason. Do a divination to see if it was actually Gaia and go with your own intuition.


I believe you met real gaia :slight_smile:

what she meant was that you dont haveto serve a fuckin halfbreed to get on your state of being, there is nothign wrong with dark energy, when you have clean source to it…

and on other hand, lucifer aint so called earthbound, and im not even sure is he allowed to live on earth, and work with humans because of his grey afflications, i would work with gaia, im sure she has her darkness too, when your conciousness aint in state of using , “darkness” in harmfull way against planet and her siblings…

also use marihuana and other drugs to reach higher states, whatever works for you.

hail to you from friends of earth :slight_smile:

Are you sure that was Gaia? When I spoke to Gaia and Lucifer at the same time, she did not appear humanoid. But then again that was just my experience. Didn’t even know who she was outside of a bunch of. Hippies talking about Gaia.

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Dark and light exist as elemental energies for the most part (nyx, erebus, kauket those being a well known embodiment of that dark elemental energy Eros, Dagr, and Ao being one of light elemental energy), but there’s many others along with elementals.

As for Gaia having a humanoid form, since she’s a primordial Goddess she can have whatever form she wants, primordials are the embodiment of the elemental energies, in a way the elemental energies of different flavors exist because they do and vice versa.

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@Cakesandcandles This.