Gabriel and heavenly angels evokaction

so i have strong ties with the infernal (saturnine) dark force and the demonic hellish realms question…could i contact an angel of light (not Lucifer lol) and get good results if any?? Keep getting vibes of Gabriel so thinking about doing an evoke of him…also from what I know Gabriel has been known to switch sides and work with Satan Lucifer at times and disobey God Father YHWH…most hollywood flicks about him show him as a traitor of sorts…

any experiences with this…? :innocent:


Yes, you can contact angels as a black magician. No, they don’t work for Yahweh so there is nothing for them to disobey. They don’t “switch sides.” They have their own work to do, and it is the same work as that of demons, to bring man to Godhood. They just go about it through different universal mechanisms.

Just remember though, that the feel of the energies are different and might feel off to you. As EA described in Evoking Eternity, after some heavy work with the demonic, he had need to call an angel, and the whole thing felt unnatural to him due to the difference in energies. You become more like those spirits you surround yourself with. However, the angel did show up, and it did fulfill the task so it obviously didn’t have an issue with EA being a black magiican.


Yes I have, I saw him physically 1ish, 2ish weeks ago. He responded to me after I wrote a letter to the Angels to help me during a difficult time I’m going through. I don’t know, I felt his presence and he talked to me telepathically telling me Bible verses I didn’t understand very well because he has a way of communicating with people through codes and stuff. Then I wrote to him again waiting for him to answer. He didn’t seem to like the fact I didn’t like children so he got kind of annoyed I guess. :sweat: I don’t know why I feel dissatisfied not with him but with myself because I’m bad at communicating and I got really shy. So I prefer writing instead.


yeah i heard that on here which to me sounds fucked since angels and demons are the opposite you’d figure the angels would be that of christian or catholic faiths what happens when a catholic calls upon an angel though??? since they belong to the church do they get different results angels don’t mind us working with the demonic if thats the case why do they remain angels and not just become demonic or vice versa?? Just sounds weird for me since that doesnt seem like the typical type of thing an angel would do…

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i mean where do we draw the line if any why call demons demons and angels angels and not make them both the same thing is it just one has lighter energy and the other darker???

The angels will pay lip service to the religious beliefs of the magician. If you evoke them in the context of Christian magick, then that is what they will respond to, but angels are far older than the mere 2000 years Christianity has been around.

if the magician expects them to “praise God” then that is what they will do. If there are no such expectations, then they won’t. Simple as that.

Angels are powerhouses, and, just like demons, their purpose is to bring mankind closer to their inherent divinity. However, they work from the top down, harnessing cosmic and universal energy to fulfill tasks, whereas demons work from the bottom up, using elemental and other more physical energies.

Angels and demons are not necessarily opposites, just different beings with a similar purpose. There are just as many angels to kill your enemies as there are demons. In the bible, when “God” wanted to wipe out cities, he called the angels, not demons.


yeah that make sense angel of death etc well ill stick with demons since they have been working so far…

It’s all down to personal choice, really. I work with both because I believe in the necessity of balance, and because I want the option to move in whatever direction a situation warrants. I’m not drawn to one side over the other and some situations may require the power of both, such as when EA evoked both the archangel Raphael and the demonic president Marbas to heal his daughter.


I initiated into the Sephiroth the other day. All 10.
The higher up you go with them, the more intense it gets.

The energies do make you feel off but it awakens a SHIT TON of power in you.

If you arent used to feeling Happy, emotionaly balanced, etc then yeah it can fuck with you :joy:
But they do come through and you will return to your normal state