G A Rosenberg artworks for qlippoth

Is there any art by GA Rosenberg for Lilith(qlipa). I need it to meditate on the Sphere.

If anybody knows where I might find it please let me know! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Thank you!!!

Do you know any arts of Nahemoath?

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I don’t think he has done yet, I know that VK Jehannum has but his art is harder to find.

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I know I was looking for that in VKs site. Maybe he doesn’t dene any. No worries I’ll make do with Lilith for both spheres.
Thanks for the help tough! I appreciate it!

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For sure, best of luck in your journey.

Does it have to be by G. Rosenberg specifically?
I ask because, here at the BALG website, Asenath Mason has some really bad ass artwork. I believe she has two or three Lilith versions for sale.



He is great and his works are very inspiring

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