Snitch on you ? To who haha?


the alldaddy, duh!


You can try to evoke it, if it does come forth it’s there to have a talk to directly.
You can also evoke any familiar Spirit you have established connection with and ask for a check on your astral body.
You can go into Astral travel and check for yourself that way.
You can combine scrying a mirror with enchanting protection spells,
to make sure if there is or had been an attachment, it gets interrupted and goes away.
be mindful about what spells you cast onto yourself.

lastly, you could also just activate a spike shield.
Spike shields do attack anything that’s trying to hold on to you,
plus they vampirize whatever they hit and make use of it’s energy to feed the shield and you inside.
Note that those shields shouldn’t be up permanently as they can interfeer with other works where you need to be open and allowing!!




Funny you should mention a spike shield, something must have attacked me last night and failed since I had this dream of something sharp being held by a dark spirit personage licking blood off it. It must have worked?! I never have thta kind of dream and it was fairly vivid which is something I was looking to create by drinking guayusa tea. That worked too. lol I haven’t thought about a fylgja in some time though. I also did a banishment before going to sleep so, yeah. It must have hit the mark but I wasn’t even thinking about that sigil. Things are not too scary at night but during the day my worries have increased so I had best remove that sigil now perhaps. It did something, just not sure what. I got no answer when I woke up from the dream, it was still dark, so I just asked out loud what is up with this vampy dream but got no answer back. I have to lol at myself there. Wondering if I should burn the sigil or just throw it away. I’m kind of newbie with some of these type workings, i forget what I’m doing, sheez.

Thanks for the ideas, I hadn’t really thought much about this topic lately. :joy:


That may have been me, i was doing Blood Sorcery yesterday. Had Manifestations from it today. xD


Good sign.
Seems you got away from it for good reason.
Hope you’re fine from now on.




Holy crow, really?! I had a total Vampy type dream and vamps crawling everywhere but it did not scare me just like woke me up and I’m like… what is with this vamp shyte dream?!! :joy:

Maybe got away is the word. Dunno. I didn’t realize I don’t really need a familiar or whatever. Man, how did that happen though? :thinking::crazy_face: weird, sorry.



Guess i might have taken a Bite! xD


Indeedy, I felt it but it did not hurt just shocked me awake, you silly you!! :stuck_out_tongue:


The only input I have into this is about your comment referring to “appropriation”. I identify as a heathen, while my ancestry is primarily not Scandinavian. Anyone who cries “cultural appropriation” if you feel drawn to a particular pantheon, religion, or magickal system, is being racially biased. The gods are for everyone, from everywhere, and there are no racial, ethnic, or ancestral barriers. At this stage of human evolution we are a melting pot of cultures and no one can exclusively claim the rights to any form of spirituality. We all share culture and we are all part of the same human race. While some systems of magick do require initiation, the Norse tradition does not. Do what your gut tells you to do my friend and welcome to the family.


My disinterest in Asatru stems from this McDonaldization of Norse paganism related to this trend. Motorcycle / steroid thug types on the far right. It’s obnoxious.

Still I do walk the path, because to me, Odinn has little to do with these mundane types