Fuxk rules, and fuxk ordered suites that try to ordaine xhaos

nu here. im for or i implement any magix system that works. xurious about starting my own writing system, year,month,day system as well as planets. as they r named after roman gods in amerixa. i look to rename them and axquaint them with proper energies, inxluding the moons.

humans and their man made xonxepts that extend to only their logix of living, exist only on this planet. ur morals, ur so xalled righteous and holy figures of restrixtion fail in the abyss. trying to ordaine xhaos makes xhaos more axtive. what will be will. what xould be might. what floats ur boat is ur subjextive perxeption. what is good what is bad? ur mom or anyone gives u a toy, they would be xonsidered a good guy in the eyes of the xhild. but if this person takes it away they would be the bad guy.
nothing is dark nothing is light. no saj ting as nightmares only dreams i dont want to see. that doesnt mean i dont need to see them. wrexk havox love xhaos.

Yeah…that crap you just spewed does not qualify as an introduction. :roll_eyes:

Flagged for the mods.


how does it not.

One, it is very poorly written and doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Two, it says nothing about you as a real person or your magical experience.

I’ll leave it in the hands of the moderators to decide if it fits the criteria.

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so bexause it does not plz u its wrong ok. who r u that i must appease. do tell,

what would be a better stanza my good sir, do tale.

My eyes hurt


So, we have this system of member-moderation on here, which means that all members have a role to play in keeping the forum functioning well. Rules are kept to a minimum, and everyone is involved and kept informed what’s going on.

The reason we ask for intros, that cover something like, how long have you been practicing, what are your current goals, is to keep things real, encourage people to post as themselves and not some larp character or something.

If you have any questions, you either have a PM from me now (probably titled Greetings) or will get one shirtly, reply to that with any questions about our system please.

@DarkestKnight is being a responsible part of the community and streering you right, we generally expect people to show a high degree of personal agency and not need to be coralled by someone with a “badge” (admin or mod) into doing things. Cheers. :+1: