Future ritual affecting presence

I am certain this understanding is not a new concept. But, I want to share my experiences.
Whenever I choose the right entity and write a perfect petition especially with demons, I can feel the some of the results before the actual ritual.

It is said that magick affects both past and future. I’m pretty sure GOM mentioned that in DOM FAQ. I think it’s a cool way to know your rituals will yield solid results and help with not lusting.

Even now while I’m prepping to do connective evocation with Belial to help me with confidence to express my masculine core. Right away, I felt right about it like a puzzle piece fitting perfectly and felt relief. I felt assured in that ritual like I’m on the phone with Belial’s customer service rep and she said “Yep, we can offer that!”

Of course, thats not to say your ritual won’t work if you don’t feel results before you actually perform it.

Anyone want to share the experiences like this?


I think there’s a thread on this already


E.A. even has a video on this. Your intention is set ad the ritual has effectively already started as soon as you decide you’re going to do it.

You can also get time loops causing premonitions, but then, make sure you go ahead and actually perform the ritual as planned, even if you already got the results, to avoid a paradox - paradoxes upset your comms with your subconscious and that’s not helpful.


@Mulberry wow! I love this stuff about time loops and paradoxes. I understand a bit from watching sci-fi movies. Cheers my friend.