Future dead self?

Is it possible to work with your future dead self and put your future dead self in you ancestral altar for necromancy ? Is this possible? Anybody try this? Any suggestions?

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That doesn’t make any sense.

There is no such thing as your “future dead self.” When you’re dead, you have no self.

So you want to work with your own shade, which is the leftovers after your soul and etheric bodies have departed?

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Exactly, my own shade. Forgive the confusion with the terms I used.

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Interesting idea. I’m not sure if that’s possible, but I’m no expert in necromancy so I will admit that I don’t really know.

What if you don’t die? What if you will, in fact, Ascend in body? How will you know? :thinking:

I would assume that my shade of an alternate reality where I do die would show up…at least that’s my theory.
Does that make sense ?

Except for what moves on. Otherwise Necromancy is “impossible”.

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Yes OP, it’s possible. I’ve done it.

Oh…can you elaborate ? How did you prevent a parasite from being an impersonator ? How did you know it was your own shade? How easy was it to make contact?

Identified it.

Had a psychopomp. Plus I can recognize my own energy.

I sigilized the operation before hand. If you can be clever about it, it becomes simple.

I wasn’t sure if I should reply to this since I’m still somewhat of a beginner at necromancy but I also noticed the concept of the future self mentioned and it is something I’ve been studying my entire time in magick.

The future self can be contacted and worked with but not in the concept of “Hey whats up bro, help me out.” It’s more like you start to notice symbology in your day to day life that triggers events that trigger other events.

Statistical patterns if you will. I think this is your connection to your future self manifesting and allowing you to pursue that aspect of yourself.

However, the other option you have that I’ve worked on is meditating on seeing yourself in the future and where or who you think you might have become. Usually after some practice you’re pretty accurate.

I can’t say this is the same for everyone as the concept of futurist rituals is still a bit complicated and I honestly only recommend manipulation to people with some knowledge under their belt first. Not saying you aren’t knowledgeable just don’t like to point people in the wrong direction with this one.

tl’;dr : I dont believe in time travel. I believe in a connection to the symbolic path that we are all born with and the potential to focus on it more in your day to day life as well as meditate on left-over energy.

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What about making a sigil for the future self or getting a communication being to fetch them for you?

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In my experience, the second has better results.
I just don’t like talking about it because manipulation isn’t really something I recommend to beginners.

It’s how I messed up a lot of my own path.

How did you mess up exactly ?

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Curiosity got the cat trapped in the void and the cat has to catch up to his peers.
It’s a bit more complicated than that but manipulation is a bit more than manifestation in my opinion.

The future self is a cool concept when you think about it but once you start delving to deep it’s kind of terrifying. I’d suggest researching a lot of psychology and inner-meditation techniques if you’d like to dig deeper.

It’s a lot of reading and research more than anything and I’d definitely recommend keeping a journal.

I could tell you what worked for me and what didn’t but it’s all subjective when dealing with the future.

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