Fusing Magic and Magick: Illusionist meets Mystic

I had this idea for a while now, thought I’d put it out there.

On top of studying magick in it’s many aspects, I’ve also been a life long Magician - Illusionist. And I thought to myself, can the two be fused? The Illusionist mimics what the magician/mystic can actually do (in one way or another) so why not merge them in some capacity?

So I figured, say I’m in a ritual; I have a deck of cards with me. I choose one card to represent the current situation I’m in, and do a magic trick to change that card into another - that new card representing what I want to happen. Or even doing this with a tarot deck. This is merely a basic example of what I was thinking. There are so many intricate tricks with so many different objects and feelings, settings, illusions etc that can be potentially fused.

Perhaps, through the act of using physical illusions to represent actual change, it could represent ritual in itself. Even if done for others on the street or on stage, perhaps one could use the awestruck feeling of the audience from the illusion to charge this spell, along with the act of doing it the illusion itself as a form of physical representation.

I’m still learning so have no idea if this could be doable, in spellcraft or otherwise, but something tells me it can, and I plan to mess around with this and see what happens. What do you all think of this? Malarky? Plausible? A Decent idea? Any other illusionists on here? If there are, feel free to play around with this and give it a try and post what your experiences are, I’m very curious!

Thanks Everyone!

I think this would work in things like initiation rituals done for others, where the magic trick is part of the psychological staging and set up to get the initiate into a certain state of consciousness.

If you’re doing it solo to you it’s not magic but sleight of hand right? I’m guessing the effect isn’t quite the same when you know how it works.

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I am very into mentalism. It fascinates me. I have done some small performances here and there, with great success. Mainly at Xmas party type functions, impromptu style. I always bring my various related kit with me just in case. I’m am also very early into my studies of illusion and slight of hand studies though. That being said, I never was originally interested in stage magic.

My personal interest has always been focused on performance enhancement and practical mind science. Of course when you start digging into go such a deep category of studies, it sends you down many rabbit holes. This is facinating to me and shows the fact that everything is connected in one way or another.

Some of these side studies led me into pursuing training and certification in hypnosis and Nlp, becoming a reiki master teacher (to heal myself originally), internal martial arts, and of course mentalism and illusion. I found so much cross relevance and Magick in them all.

To answer your question on the relevance of real magick amd illusion, I think the greatest value is in using your occult knowledge to create an air of legitimacy about your show. Power perceived is power achieved. Also, approx 90% of success within stage magic is in the theatrics and showmanship…only 10% is the technical gimic or trick itself.

On the flip side, being a known performer and stage magician can provide a solid cover for ypu if the burning times ever start creeping back up on us…

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You can use Mentalism in your magic tricks maybe.

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