Fused but not confused


My name is Seth Loki Swan. I live in the Atlanta suburbs, GA.
I’ve been following E.A. Koetting for few months now, AMAZING job congratulation.
As soon as my finances take off again, I will enrich my library of his work…
As the name of the topic says, I am fused but not confused… BUT
I can use a little help. I am fused with a woman essence.
She allowed me to posses her to gain her knowledge and get in contact with other sources.
In return I helped her escape her husband (or her detention, as she told me)…
but doing so she got killed. That’s why I allowed her to live with me.
Problem is that now, after 15 years, her presence is starting to suck up my time,
effectiveness of my rituals and physical energy…
Any suggestion on how to make her depart without hurting her?
I think her time has come, but I love her and owe her too much to just kick her out…

You could try contacting any of the gods/angels/spirits that you’d like to work with who do psychopomp work, they could escort her away from you (a link formed in her old life) and towards the next stages of the post-life stuff.

There’s a list of some of the better known entities who are associated with that line of work, and a definition of the role of the psychopomp at this Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychopomp

I should pay an homage to Yama and Agni…
I wonder if there’s a way to make her not interfere with my decisions…
Make her a spectating guest, like I was with her in her time.
Besides this general slowing down, I don’t have any serious issue…
I’d love for her to evolve, get over with what happened before,
but at the same time I don’t want to brake the promise of always be with her…

From what you have written here it seems like you are not 100% sure if you want her out. In this case I advise to NOT even try to kick her out. Not until you have a 100% conviction one way or the other. Poete, one of the members here, wrote a great post about the cost of failing to accomplish your aims. It screws with your head and with your magic.

Also think about what would happen if you got half way through the ritual and decided to stop. It would be like trying to kill someome and then stopping half way, that person is gonna be PISSED! If you try and kick her out and fail you are gonna have one pisses off spirit attached to you. So I advise you to think about it and if you decide to kick her out make sure your will is 100% behind your decision.

Then good luck.

Also if you decide to kick her out your ancestors are a fantastic way to go. They love you and will literally fuck up any vampiric spirit that is trying to drain you. Or you could try Bune.

Funny yet extremely precise. My doubt is not about wanting her out or not.
I have a lot of work to do and she became a very expensive load to take care of.
I love her, that’s why I want her to find a peaceful way out instead of push her out.
She is afraid of having to come back (to “life”) and be in the same conditions
(the enslaving marriage she was - even if I’m telling her this condition is not
much different and she is free to go)…

I know the best way to conquer fear is openly facing it, especially if it is a mind construct…
But to do so there must be the (free) will to do so… She is afraid of acting.
Gotta find a way to ignite bravery in a spirit that is (timely speaking) ready to conclude an existence and move over to the next one.

It kinda sound like she is vamping you. I know you love her, but she may have changed into a vampiric spirit and now only sees you as food. I don’t know q whole lot about your situation, but it appears that she is not gonna leave nicely on her own.

If she’s afraid of repeating the same patterns, we do that sometimes because we haven’t quite learned the lesson of the experience, so we keep going over it hoping that this time something new will happen. But it’s down to us to make it happen, and if we respond in the same range of ways that failed before, we won’t move on past it.

Perhaps you and any entities you involve in this could work to help her learn from her past and that way, she won’t “need” to repeat it?

I’m working from a model where we choose to have things happen to us in order to bring forth our own powers, and I know I’ve repeated mistakes in relationships and life in general until I was ready to see the situation differently and then they vanished as if by (no pun intended) magic.

Perhaps you can help her find the key that will unlock this pattern, maybe with the aid of the psychopomp entities?

Healing the soul from what’s trapping it and making it cling to the past life is part of the psychopomp’s job a lot of the time, not merely being a sort of astral cinema usher. :slight_smile:

Orismen, I’m sure she don’t want to, but it is what is happening…
15 years have passed and she was already around her late 30…
That means she is quickly approaching the end of her life expectancy for her time and location. Even if this scenario “feels” very much like what is going on, I don’t want to coldly “shot her dead”.
Lady Eva, I am aware of that… I have to find s way of communicate to her that doesn’t allow her fear to show up… Maybe I’m in this condition also by my fault… Too much kindness, trying to avoid hurting her… I made her weak

Hahahaha I am running on 3 hours of sleep and like a gallon of coffee. I love that Lady Eva is much nicer in this situation. She is looking to help the spirit cross over and come to peace, and I am over here like “BURN IT ALL TO THE GROUND!!!”

There’s probably something in this for you, so while I won’t presume to try and guess, when I’ve done healing work, it was usually related directly to things I was in the process of overcoming for myself, so whatever you need to do for her you’re also doing to and for yourself.

Too little kindness can also make a person weak, because they believe wherever they go they’ll find the same thing and they become hopeless, weakened by their own lack of hope which is worse than anything.

I know this from personal experience - I’m not going to spew my lifestory out but I’ve actually been there, and it took someone trusting me to take as long as I needed to heal that got me back and stronger than I could ever have been before, so while I’m not saying you must keep feeding her forever, maybe she needs a new start that comes about from feeling protected for the first time?

I just saw your latest reply Orismen and it made me laugh, but there’s the serious point that if there are no coincidences, and I was healed from something like this, maybe our different inputs are for a reason?

What that is I don’t know, but my suggestion would be to find a spirit that can fix her up and communicate with her directly (to save yourself the trouble) and let them take her under their wing. I’m not at all saying you have to martyr yourself and keep dealing with this or anything like that.

Maybe find one of her ancestors or something? They may even have an interest in moving her along if they’d like her to incanate as some part of the genetic family further on down the line… anyway that’s my input for whatever it’s worth, and yes, I’m quite a nice person - most of the time! :wink:

Sounds just like me…

Anyway I figured I will spend some time “cleaning” the channel and show her that it’s time to depart and there is nothing to fear. I learnt from her and she (should) have learnt from me…

Any further comment/suggestion/idea will be kindly accepted…

What fixed me, to leave out a load of personal stuff and get to the point, was they showed me a part of myself, a part of my core personality that’s written into my very birth chart, that I’d been denying for too long because it had not been accepted by a lot of people in my life, and they taught me to embrace that side, and to see it as a source of power.

Once I got solidly accepting of 100% of myself I was able to do some rapid realisations about why I’d been making the mistakes I had, and therefore move past the need to repeat them.

I have no idea if that applies to this situation, but if there’s some part of her previous life experience she’s not yet accepted, maybe something to do with why she drew to herself someone like her ex, that should empower her - if she sees him as a random “big bad wolf” who just came and preyed on her, she’ll fear the rest of the forest is full of wolves, but if she can see what her part in it was (and I’m not pulling some “blame the victim” BS, I’m being serious) she might find the realisation in herself that what she has the ability to draw into her life, she can also gain mastery over and not have to fear it any more.

Another possibility jumped into my mind…
What if (if she agree) I keep her in a bardic state and let her born again as my daughter?
We will still be together, but both naturally free, loving each other and growing up together…
I’m not new to this, but in the previous case the proposal came from outside…

You could look into it, my concerns for whatever they’re worth are whether the mother of the planned future child wouldn’t feel a little put out by this, you’re kind of planning who her child will be and maybe cutting out any of her own options, her own ancestors maybe who would want to be born into the family?

And what if the relationship broke up, would it make you feel a need to retain custody even if for other reasons it wasn’t the right choice, even if it limited your future chances of finding another woman, or of travelling to far off places or moving to another country for a while or something?

And would you be able to detach enough from the person she was, to give her next life a chance at being better? I’m not saying you couldn’t or that any of the above stuff would automatically be bad for you both, but it’s something to think about, it would be terrible if she was raised with the cloud of her past life hanging over her and defining her identity.

There’s also the issue that this women was disempowered enough to die young before, and then fears moving on - if she’s born into your life again she may continue a cycle of dependency, and do you want that in your child?

I plan to have kids and I’m intending that, just as loads of us here had parents who were against spirituality outside their narrow definitions, I’ll be given a son or daughter who wants to be raised from the start with these options, in an environment where these things are normal and good, and who will ultimately become more competant and powerful than I am. I’d probably love them even if their ambitions begin and end with reality TV shows, but it’s not what I’m hoping for.

Maybe it’s a chick thing :slight_smile: and just my beliefs and stuff, but that’s what came to mind reading this.

I totally understand every single aspect of what you say.
As I mentioned before, I’ve already walked this path before…
My son’s mother decided to leave and took him away from me in one of the worst way, with lies and laws (isn’t it funny how these 2 words sounds very close?!). In return for her lies and misconduct, she lost her mental sanity.
Now my son is in the grandparents custody. He is still very young, we talk to the phone every week ans skype every now and then. We are 6 hours away, and I mean timezones. His attraction to me didn’t resent minimally.
I grew strong with what his mom did to me… Amazingly but not surprisingly, he’s even stronger than me. His spirit is a Past Grand Master…
Already taunt me a lot, and a lot more await us when we’ll be re-conjoined. Costed me a lot, but my “shape” of love has very little attachment
(in terms of possession). My wife is on an earlier stage of my same path, so she knows what I Mean, Do and Want. We clearly discussed about my son, why he is not with me and how this will evolve. And also about the possibility to “choose” who our child would be. It will have to be a unanimous decision.
What would come later is growing her up as a normal child, giving her freedom of knowledge, guidance in her own decision and, when old enough to either figure it out by herself or understand it from me, tell her that we met way before she was born and I loved her so much to let her a part of me in order to continue to exist close to each other; that I will guide her in overcome her past obstacles and conquer her complete freedom.

She likes the idea. She’ve been more serene today, even if the decision is far from being sealed.