Furcas first evocation

Hello everyone. I have asked Furcas to help me. I can’t say much as I finished the ritual just a second ago. I’m now waiting on food to finish cooking to ground myself. The pressure was heavy. But it was a light cool feeling. I could also feel someone right behind me. I head the floors creek as if someone was shuffling back and forth. I used dice divination and this is very summarized.

Me: hello forcus. Thank you for coming.

Fur: I got the feeling he was smiling but as my abilities are low I couldn’t tell well.

Me: I wish for you help in my third eye and my hearing and seeing of spirits. Will you and can you help me.

Fur: it seemed like I could hear yes. He said yes through divination.

Me: do you need something for this? Such as incense? Poem?


Me: what should I expect in this deal?

Fur: emotional training and your courage needs to be fixed.

But yea after this I thanked him and let him know I was done. I hold these rituals very casually. Anyway just wanted to note my experience down. He seemed straightforward but with a carefree sense of personality. He was really nice as I didn’t feel threatened at all. Thank you.

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