Furcas experiences?

Hello , can you tell me about your experiences with Furcas ? Feel free to pm me if you want . Thx in advance !

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An interesting thread


I ve already read all posts about him , thx anyway !

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In one pathworking, I saw him beating the shit out of me …

I dunno but he’s kinda hars… Not like King Belial. He’s like Military Sergant who always yelling at your ear, even when you have no mistake


Huh … I m gonna have an interesting time with him in this case

I work with him to open my senses . It s a slow process but i m happy with results i got . And not to open my senses so i can see ghosts , lol , when i say senses i think about intuition , better meditation , to achieve trance state easyer , better visualisation skills etc .

He showed me only his energy . Sea green colour . He never showed his face and that wasn t necesary because i know him after his energy .

What i know for sure is that Furcas will provide for sure . I ve worked with him for about 3 months , nothing special , only meditation with clear intent and all was good . My senses are more evolved now . Like i said , is a slow process , but the results will come for sure . His name is Furcus . He said to me that he likes this name . Anyway , i call him Furcas still and i don t feel any grudge from him . From my experience it s much better to identify a spirit from his energy , than from his name . That s why he showed me his energy , because if he is near me , i will know for sure , his name doesen t matter .

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Für das excellent for grounding and indepth workings. One of the best!

Lieutenant Soldier @Rav can you pm me?