Funny things happening while evoking/invoking

Since I am someone who besides practicing likes to laugh :slight_smile: I wanted to start a topic about funny things happening during rituals summoning or whatever the case may be:) let’s share the humor in our situations shall we?

Once I tried to evoke Clauneck for a dog rescue shelter in need of money. And I was in my temple doing evocation. Every time I started to get in to a trance my dogs ( a Labrador and a Pug) stared licking and sniffing heir private parts very loudly outside my Temple . I could not get in the right mindset. Eventhough i manager the connection and was guided to give my already set out banana Bread as a thank you to the dogs. Clauneck had a laugh at my frustration and the shelter got a big anonymous donation the next day.

I usually do my work in black clothes but one laundry day I needed to do an emergency evocation and stood in my temple in my yoga pants and a shirt that said “ if I throw a stick will you go away? The spirit said is that your question? Do you throw sticks at us if we don’t do as you please? I guess being respectful also goes in your wardrobe oops. I tried to explain while laughing so hard at my mistake but the spirit refused to help.

My Labrador drank the scotch I left for Gratitude and I woke up in the middle of the night by a spirit who was concerned , not because my dog drank her offering but because the dog was eating my rug. He’s still alive don’t worry he just slept the entire day.

In another situation I wanted to leave my temple after doing work and I tripped and went facedown on the floor. I heard a voice saying are you okay? Followed by a bouldering deep laugh. Still don’t know who it was but it was infectious:)

Last one: a couple of years ago I had a date that was absolutely awful. Just a terrible guy with an ego bigger than a house. Saying things like, you are very pretty and I would like to go home with you and have fun, but I don’t think you will fit in my circle. So I told him I have a circle you better stay out. And I could hear my patron saying. Don’t worry I got this. The guy bit his own cheek and needed stitches obviously I did not hold his hand through those. My patron does not appreciate someone disrespecting me.

All right go share your funny’s


Happened to cut my finger very badly mid evocation while attempting to open a wine bottle. I had the idea to offer the blood instead of the wine (happy little accidents lead to happy little pacts) and got back into the kitchen to gather a smaller shot glass. My SO only watched me with a bleeding AF finger wandering around the house and attempted to take care of the wound. So instead of just getting a glass and get back to the altar I had to “flee” from my man who desperately wanted to put a band aid on my finger while thinking about what excuse I could bring up to refuse his offer


Hahaha did you make it? Very well meant by your so but very inconvenient :slight_smile:

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Yes, I ended up smearing the blood all over a newly drawn sigil while pretending to take care of the wound myself in the bathroom. The paper was so drenched that I had to dry it like a watercolour painting from elementary school


I spilled frankincense oil over my Azazel sigil before. There was one time I invoked him and I knew he wanted a blood offering but I didn’t do it, I had no way to get the blood.


Everytime I summon a spirit in order to find something lost, that spirit carries me through an adventure inside my room, where I find extremely useful/nostalgic/rare items and even money, and what I was looking for was in my pocket or very visible on my altar or on my bed.


I was told not to eat anymore donuts, (I was invoking Astaroth) …me still not believing I invoked someone successfully, playfully said, Astaroooth, I’m getting a doonut…practically skipping on the way to the store. When I got there, there were no donuts and would not be for a few weeks. Something about a shortage or whatever. I laughed for weeks.

Another time I was told to wash my hands before I eat or something I don’t quite remember what it was but I went to put a loaded spoon of cerial in my mouth. I go to swallow and it was like someone slid it back up my throat and back into the bowl.


Hahaha I’m a very visualising person and I can see you skipping to the store and astaroth saying: nope!


Ha! It sounds interesting !

You drowned the sigil:) I remember wanting to give wine once and knocking over the glass wine everywhere ugh…,

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I still use the sigil and it smells nice now, so I guess it was a win. :woman_shrugging:


This is a nice thread.

Just yesterday, I was trying to invoke my spirit guide. Instead of taking notes, I had my phone recording and I was speaking what I saw and heard. I went through the whole thing and when I was done, I went to stop the recording…and guess what…IT WASN’T RECORDING. lol. I had to laugh at myself slightly despite the annoyance. I’d gone through all that, then still had to write out what I could remember. lol

Another thing that I find funny, is this. My husband does not practice or believe these types of traditions. I, on the other hand am quite active with ritual etc…

I find it somewhat hilarious that anytime he does something to me that I or my spirits don’t like, he ends up hurting himself in some way. Nothing major, just like a little whack. lol. Like stubbing his toe, hitting his elbow, or something else minor. I can’t prove that its my spirits…but it is a funny thought that may have some validity and it makes me laugh.

I’m sure there are other funny things that have happened but these are all that come to mind. Usually it’s just little stuff where I have to laugh at myself.