Funny stories about people blind to magic

My current girlfriend and I used to have a little dispute, not a one of flaming rage, more of a teasing nature. She had it in her head that this OBVIOUS occult store, was nothing more than a clothing/accorsory store for hip and trending millennials, and she teased me merselously. Claming that I must be over the moon. It wasn’t till I took her there and pointed out that the ‘swanky’ jewelry all came with a tiny card that discribed the path you walked, raging from neo paganism, to luciferianism. I also pointed out the LABELED ritual candles, the bags of insnce, the tarot cards, the black crystal balls THAST SHE FINALLY UNDERSTOOD. that it was ineed an local occult store. And yes they aslo sell clothes😉.

I also had to point out that the tantric drum, the crystal ball and the inscence burner in my room aren’t just for show. But my roommate is none the wiser.

Feel free how you hide you’re magic, or the people in youre life who might be just a tad blind.


People often can’t see what is right in front of them.

That’s why we hide in plain sight often enough. It isn’t necessarily that we hide, it is simply because people are blind.


Man I can’t wait until my book is out… lol