Funny incident

So two years ago, I was interviewed for my most recent job. My interviewer was a nice guy who promised to make me successful in the business. When I heard his wife had cancer, I handed him a hand drawn sigil to Raphael. I told him what to do with it.

After two weeks, he got transferred. This apparently was quite common in management. When a manager does a good job, cooperate transfers them to another store. They are then replaced with a new manager who fucks everything over. I saw several people come and go, so my time there was miserable.

Anyway, I saw him months ago and asked how his wife was and he said she was cured. He did exactly as I told him and got results. I, in a way, helped cure a woman’s cancer. I didn’t really have much confidence in my instructions, but they worked. If only I could remember what I said. So he still has his wife, but I had to give up the job. Truth be told, the store was poorly managed and we cashiers, were blamed for every inconvenience.


Brilliant result! :+1: