Fundamental scientific questions to entities

Hello. This is a direct question to E.A. or anybody having a lot of experience. I haven’t been able to contact my Demon yet (I try hard…). But if you can get knowledge from a Demon ,could you please ask him those fundamental questions:
-Was the Big Bang real (and of course what was there before,on a physical level) ?
-Where does the energy of the Big Bang come from?
-Why is the Universe expanding and why does the expansion accelerate?
-What is Dark Matter?
-How do we give free energy to mankind? (no more wars)
-Is my mum doing ok?
The last one isn’t fundamental :wink: But why do magicians always talk about wishes they make just for themselves? “Get rich,Have sex,Get all you want”. Ok,but why does it always look so selfish? Doesn’t any magician want to use magic for the people around them or to find global solutions?
Maybe I am just a dreamer. But if one powerful entity ever accept to talk to me,I won’t ask him to make things better for me. I’ll ask how to make things for all of us,my friends.
I said:“If ever…” So far,no success. Take care


I’m probably one of those few that believe that entities are not omniscient. In fact, I don’t really believe in omniscience as it’s commonly defined. So you might not get all the answers, if any, to these questions.

That said, these are interesting questions worth asking an entity. I encourage people to take a crack at this. I myself had already performed an evocation today, so I must take a break. Next time I do it, I’ll definitely ask these questions.


Ok,Baal. You let me know the answers you got,right?


Yup, I’ll post the answers or lack thereof here.


Why do you believe that? Akashic records, what do you believe in im interested :slight_smile:


Through my experience, I’ve come to realize that entities aren’t all-knowing and that they don’t conceptualize things as we do. Their “perception” (if they have one) of the world is nothing like ours. So, while OP has good intentions with this thread, I trust, it’s futile.

Asking entities about this world is somewhat pointless because they experience it different than we do.


Quantum equation predicts there is no big bang . The universe always existed . Creation and Destruction are cyclic processes of the universe. Just as night precedes day and day precedes night, or day follows night and night follows day, just so dissolution precedes creation and creation precedes dissolution, or dissolution follows creation and creation follows dissolution. The cycle has been going on form eternity. It has neither beginning nor end. But as you see the beginning and end both, of every day and every night, similarly every creation and every dissolution has it beginning and its end. God, soul and materia-radica, these three are eternal by themselves (i. e., individually).

Maya . In ancient Vedic literature, Māyā literally implies extraordinary power and wisdom. It is one of the energies of God . (Dont confuse with abrhamic god here)

Beacuse of Dharma i.e. eternal law of cosmos. The first evidence for acceleration came from the observation of Type Ia supernovae, which are exploding white dwarfs that have exceeded their stability limit.

By defeating the reptilian god in astral .

Yeah shes awesome

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Hey CaptainHowdy. Thank you for your straight answers. Now,I feel stupid because I really don’t know what to do with them… But thank you for quenching my curiosity. If I ever see that “reptlian god in astral”, I’ll try to defeat him. And thanx for your last answer :wink:

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I agree really great answers to questions that plague many people like me and so many others. Especially the whole dark matter thing.

That fascinates me totally and wonder like some on the LHP whether many of the Ancient Ones have evolved and mostly live in dark matter? Do you think that’s a possibility in your opinion?

Even though I’m far more into the LHP belief systems now I still literally weep for humanity. I can hardly bare to watch The News because watching other people suffer and hearing about whom has been murdered, terrorism and poverty etcetera etc ad infinitum on the 24/7 news cycle.

Just hearing about how others suffer can at times literally makes me physically sick because sometimes I can literally feel another person’s pain even from across the world. So often I avoid the News as much as possible. Some people say stuff like “toughen up Sister” but I can’t because I’ve tried.

It really gets to me and as an empath since childhood. I’m always trying to do magickal workings on a regular basis to help heal our ravaged world. Being an empath isn’t the gift that many people think it is…because mostly it often feels like a curse a lot of the time.

Are we just fighting an unwinnable battle and war or not? I nearly converted to Tibetan Buddhism. Guess you can tell that I’m into compassion in a big way. Lol
I Wish that I had the ability to create a huge Egregore to create world peace. I’ve thought it could be possible if magickal practitioners both RHP & LHP and in between, lol, all got together and just did it? Do you think it’s possible? Or am I just a dreamer like John Lennon was?

Just wondering what your opinion is on this? Do you think it’s possible starting with BALG as a platform? I bet if Eric did a video on it people would listen. Whereas if others did like me? We might be lucky to affect 200 people or so. But we all know thousands if not millions are needed right.

But in the end all as I want is what most decent people do and that is a far better world to leave my adult children and grandchildren than what it currently is at present. The world is in such a terrible state and don’t get me started on the Eco systems and extinction.

Only then will I truly be able to die in peace. That’s all I want out of life not to be rich and famous like some magickal practitioners from both sides of the fence do.

"Imagine no religion
It’s easy if you try?
No hell below us
Above us only sky.

Imagine all the people
Living life in peace" …Imagine by John Lennon.

I just want what he wanted. Why are human beings so competitively war like at all costs?

These and similar questions often keep me awake at night. Sad but true!

Anyway thanks for reading this.

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This is good advice:

As long as the dead manifest world can move you with anything other than the joyful enthusiasm of a child playing a game, you’re being dictated to by matter, by the created, by that which is already falling into decay. Liberate yourself by laughter, the first card of the Tarot is the The Fool… then go on to play with a light heart and a happy song! :wink:

John Lennon owned a solid gold lavatory and a mansion house while preaching to imagine no possessions, I’m quite sure he’d have got the joke! :yum:

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Well every religion, every culture on this planet has always been talking about the omnipresent, all-pervading nature of the divine. If we look at it, the only thing that can be truly all-pervading, the only thing that can be everywhere is darkness, nothingness, or emptiness. Generally, when people are seeking well-being, we talk of the divine as light. When people are no longer seeking well-being, when they are looking beyond their life in terms of dissolving, if the object of their worship and their sadhana is dissolution, then we always refer to the divine as darkness.

Light is a brief happening in your mind. Light is not eternal, it is always a limited possibility because it happens and it ends. The greatest source of light that we know on this planet is the sun. Even the sun’s light, you could stop it with your hand and leave a shadow of darkness behind.

But darkness is all-enveloping, everywhere. The immature minds in the world have always described darkness as the devil. But when you describe the divine as all-pervading, you are obviously referring to the divine as darkness, because only darkness is all-pervading. It is everywhere. It does not need any support from anything. Light always comes from a source that is burning itself out. It has a beginning and an end. It is always from a limited source. Darkness has no source. It is a source unto itself. It is all-pervading, everywhere, omnipresent. So when we say Shiva, it is this vast emptiness of existence. It is in the lap of this vast emptiness that all creation has happened. It is that lap of emptiness that we refer to as the Shiva/ Satan.

Dont trust the media . It is controlled purposely .

We are fighting a powerful enemy . I have nothing against your beliefs but Boddhism is an offshoot of Vedic Sanatan Dharma . Most of its spiritual teachings are derived from ancient vedic tantra practices.There might be nice supercool elevated guruz in buddhism but in the end , there is no mediator in spirituality . You must try to figure out things on your own . Yeah there is no problem in taking guidance from your guru but again that is a complicated shit lel xD

I will be honest . I joined this forum like 2 days back. I dont know Eric and I think I dont need to uwu. And neither should you … Just focus on your own individual development over time you will realize what is Dharma . Dharma, in spiritual context, can be loosely stated as right action. And what is the right course of action for a person depends upon many factors like time, place, situation, etc. Perfectly executing one’s dharma (right action / duty) awards you a higher plane of existence .

Tbh this very life is just one of those infinite chapters , your soul would go through . Just focus on attaining a higher state of consciousness . The body dies but the soul is immortal and so is the consciousness. Your consciousness is unique to you .

Peace more often comes with sacrifice …

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(Btw I see you were replying to @CaptainHowdy so I hope you will forgive not one but 2 replies from me - I’ve been where you are with this and I think I have a way out for you, a way via power and wisdom, not escapsim or rationalisation, because I believe you joined this forum for a reason. :thumbsup: )

Have you read this book yet?

It may resolve many of these issues:

This suffering is temporary and we all must tolerate it . Just as your body is not permanent, so your diseases are also not permanent. You should tolerate the temporary suffering and solve the real problem—you must stop your repetition of birth and death. But people do not know that birth and death can be stopped, so they are simply busy with the temporary problems. Suffering is caused by faulty thinking, perspectives, beliefs and attitudes. It depends upon the way we perceive things and react to them. The solution to the problem of suffering lies in our understanding of its underlying causes and resolving them effectively through inner transformation. Afterall , there are different planes of existence…

It’s hard to get rid of empathy…