[Fun] Here are the forms of some entities I worked with that I saw in my rituals


Caveat #1: these are not the exact forms, but they are pretty close depictions, nonetheless.

Caveat #2: I looked up each and every one of these pictures on the internet AFTER I had seen the form of each entity PRIOR to me actually looking them up, SAVE FOR the pictures of Beelzebub, and Bael. I encountered those before.


Another form of Asmodeus I was shown, and I was quite surprised when I found this picture on the internet, as you can imagine:






I couldn’t find a picture that matches his human form well enough, though.



I could post more pictures, but I think this is enough. So, although these pictures aren’t entirely accurate, they match what I saw well enough.

Has any of you encountered the same forms, excluding Belial and Bael? I was already told that people had the same experience of those two. :slight_smile:

Images Describing The Appearance Spirits Have Appeared As

Fuck it, I’ll post one more because it’s cool.



Voidhead - the same way I usually perceive Lucifer.


Haha, that’s awesome. It’s one of the coolest forms I’ve encountered. I couldn’t help but wonder why does he choose a faceless form? One of my interpretations is that he reflects the darkness (or universe) from which he comes, because Lucifer, as well as a whole bunch of other entities, represent the emerging light/emerging consciousness from the primordial darkness.


I saw Astaroth look similar but a lot like this woman in the photo:

King Paimon looks like the Dos Equis Guy but with no beard, a well dressed businessman or politician:

and/or with a white turban but older:


That’s really interesting. You know, it often makes me smile when I see (or hear from other people) that entities choose a more modern-looking form, so to speak. It’s odd in a way because these entities are very old.


I guess Lucifer has so many faces. How we perceive him tells more about us. JMO


Couldn’t agree more. Or, at the very least, tells us about how we truly think about the entities we call upon.


What about music for different entities?

For example… I’d say this one could work pretty well for Lucifer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TXevsdh8kE

And this one maybe for Belial (tho I’ve never worked with him):


Hellsing! I YES. love you.

Imo, this would fit Belial more:

…however, the breathing in the “Yo Elliott intro theme” reminds me a bit of the breathing noises I heard from Belial a few days ago. Interesting coincidence.


Idk… it’s all quite elegant… while the things I’ve heard about Belial is more along the lines of… how did this one person put it…

“Fuck your rules, I never allowed you to make rules for me”.

So probably something more hard. Along with Yo Elliott intro theme, I’d say this one works pretty well -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6BbvCC0VI0

And yeah, that’s pretty interesting!


Ah, yea, I know that OST! Yep, that one would be Belial’s theme for sure!

The one I linked would fit Asmodeus better maybe? Idk. But this OST:



Also, I believe this one might fit Azazel in a way -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38Wrnc4g94o

I don’t know for sure tho, never worked with Azazel either… but I somehow take a guess on their energy and probably my own perception of them, and think of a fitting music. I wonder if those are my senses being open?

This is proving to be an exercise in a way, rofl.


Oh fuck yeah that one, definitely. Fits perfectly I’d say.


Hmm Darth Malak’s theme is pretty good. I’d say it would fit either Azazel or Abaddon quite nicely.


I wonder who would fit this one… this one is so haunting… like pure darkness.


When I see spirits they usually look like a regular person with one or two unatural features. I actually just saw Belial for the first time today. He looked like a overly muscular body builder. Muscles on top of muscles. Very tall. Black hair. That one guy at the gym that everyone avoids cause he looks and acts like he got bigger by eating other guys LOL. But i did see a shadow of bulls horns.

Lucifer appears out of darkness a black flame or void shining like an angel. Blonde long hair, athletic.He looks like a very energetic middle aged man. Sometimes hes naked and when he is he has no genitals. This is because I see him as fatherly and not sexually.When he’s clothed he wears a black cap and a red leather jacket.


Definitely Lucifuge Rofocale.


King Paimon? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cuCBWWaX4A


It seems that the bull horns seem to be a reoccurring theme for Belial. Same goes for Lucifer’s blond, long hair angel form, too.