Fun Exercises

Here is a little exercise I came up with from many, many different sources.

Step one, raise power. This can be the Rites of Omnipotence, Middle Pillar, Jason Miller’s Pillar Ritual…etc.

Once you are buzzing with power forum an energy ball. Condense the ball and keep feeding it energy until it is undoubtedly there. I have been working on shifting my conciseness so I viewed this what felt like out of my 3rd eye.

Now inscribe words of power on the ball. I opted for a bind rune I have seen used by many practitioners. I used Gebo (gift) and Wunjo (Joy) to create the “Gift of Joy”. Recite the words of power until they become a song. I intoned the runes. This acts as giving the energy ball an intent. I advise giving it a positive intent as you are going to send this through your body.

Now send the ball through the main (ish) energy channel in your body. It will enter thought the bottom of your feet and head all the way out the top of your head. It will travel through each of the 7 main chakras. You can then send it though as many energy channels as you wish.

What does this do? It clears blockages, it strengthens your energetic bodies , and makes your teeth whiter (ok that last one is not true).

Play around with it. Make different balls with different intents and see what you can do with it. And above all, have fun.

A technique I like is to trance out, think I’m in space or something, surrounded by a transparent sphere, floating in lotus position, visualizing a sun in front of me. Then the sun shoots a ray of raw solar energy into my Anahata, which then spreads through my whole body, going both upwards and downwards through each chakra, expanding from there and clearing everything and purifying, etc.

I actually have an exercise for gearing up to astrally murder entities.

Clear your mind. Focus on your breathing. Trance is not required, calmness is. When you are at mental peace, think “It is time.”

When you do so, begin soul traveling. Just be in your body, and then stand up. Your intent, which should be in the forefront of your mind, is to train yourself to slay astral enemies.

As you focus on your intent, visualize your surroundings morphing. This is key- your not going through a tunnel or traveling somewhere, you’re gearing up.

Visualize an arena. Whatever comes to you, comes to you. Don’t try to change it, except make sure you’re behind a gate. Look out to the arena, and know out there are entities willing to kill you.

Turn to the opposite wall, spotting your armor and weapon. Don’t try changing these either, as they come naturally. Put on each piece, depending on how many there are (mine is usually 8 pieces with a sword) and call out astrally “I’m ready!”

Visualize the gates opening, and walk out.

Now, here comes the actually dangerous part. You will be creating combat thoughtforms/servitors whose function is to kill you in astral combat. I generally make these humanoids, and let the details of their arms and armor flesh themselves out. Charge these with the intent to fight you.

When you’ve fully charged the entity with red universal energy, let details appear. Name them something simple, and then rush at them. They’ll act on their own, your subconscious will guide their fighting.

Make sure you kill them! I once let one of the bastards run free, and it had the nerve to slip into my bed and try to physically kill me.

When you’ve defeated at least 3 and as many as 10, walk back to where you walked in, take off your armor, and tell the arena “I’ve earned my place and power here.”

It can be nerve racking sometimes- once I made a dragon, and had to go at it for literally an hour and a half otherwise it might’ve actually killed me. It quite literally created a physical storm from nowhere, so it was very, VERY powerful.

Be careful.

What is this good for? Well, affirming that you’ve gained strength and power with each battle (for me) is an excellent advancement. I never banish entities, I go in the astral and fight them until they either leave or die. Call it a death wish, it’s good training.

Walk with caution, brothers and sisters.

Love the exercise Orismen.Definitely gonna give it a shot.

Here’s an exercise a came up with to raise energy.

First take your athame,wand,hand,or whatever you want to use and trace an astral circle around your feet and visualize it as a bright blue flame.Then trace another circle just above your head and see it as a bright golden light.

Then begin to inhale and as you do pull the flames up your body,and pull the light down through your crown chakra.

Do this untill the two energetic forces meet at your solar plexus.
Visualize yourself in a cylinder of flaming white light.

Now,begin to inhale the energy into every pore of your body and when you exhale push out all of your fear,doubt,negativity,or whatever else is hindering you spiritually or psychologicaly.

Do this untill you’ve pulled all the energy within yourself.

I’ve found that this is a great and easy way to invoke omnipotence and realize your Godself.

Oh and I like to vibrate the word of power Eh Hey Yeh as I’m casting the circles into the circle by just focusing on the circle like you would if you were doing the Middle Pillar exercise.


Experience in real time how your own mind functions by splitting reality into concepts, investing meaning into them, and then responds to itself by creating emotions.

Most fun I’ve had in my life.