Fun dream with angels and Lucifer, lol

Hi guys, I haven’t written anything around here for a long time. Well, today I had a funny dream. I dreamed that I infiltrated among angels, they believed that I was a “novice”, or “newly arrived angel” so they were not so surprised that I asked many questions. I had become friends with one of those angels, the only one who knew that I did not belong there, and since I trusted him, I explained that I liked Lucifer romantically, the dream was lucid and I was surprised by what I had said, this angel laughed and told me that he would help me get to know him … we arrived at a room where he was supposedly, we opened the door, he greeted us and I woke up. I must confess that I have been retired in magic for several months … I have not invoked any deity with whom I feel affinity, I have only been meditating for a few weeks.
Is it possible to feel romantic attraction for an entity? Could it be that he tries to seek my attention?


Possibly, or that your interest in study is rekindling… It’s usually not a good idea to take dreams at face value, as they are highly symbolic. Your subconscious is using that image to tell you something it doesn’t have the language for. So it’s likely that the Lucifer character represents something to you personally, but may not be the entity itself necessarily.


It is possible to have romantic feelings for an entity, yes. It’s something you have to reflect on for yourself.

Has Lucifer sent you signs outside of a dream? If you think he has then I’d ask him for confirmation, in addition to what Mulberry has mentioned.