Full possession!

I know this is a subject thats been discused before, i just wanna know the most recent information people have about it:

  • Have you tried full possesion intended to last more than a week/ months?

  • How did you feel?

  • How can you assure it worked and its not your own imagination?

  • Most importantly, what did you learned???

  • Also, any tips or recomendations for trying this magick work? Ive heard its a good start point to cleanse your body, and magick workplace, plus, preparing some special offerings and furthermore, painting the spirits sigil with blood in you body parts. Any more recomendations?

(Btw, this is something to be taken seriously, ive been working for months now with this entity, so its like taking a step forward to progress in my magick work. Nor recommended for first timers with entities you dont know very well yet)


Full posession is interesting but why do you want that? It is better a light possession for example a hand, or arm for automatic writing


Because i trust the entity im working with, plus i need a series of changes on an alchemical level which are too subconcious for me to obtain concrete results, furthermore, i understand my body as a vehicle and so as my mind, which can be empowered by a goddess rather than a simple human. Also, i believe that not always, but in many cases, posession is the best way to work with entities if you really wanna obtain massive results, obviously, preserving just will in order to “share” your body and mind. This is my point of view.

  1. Full possession intended for months would be seen as a pact or a serious agreement in terms of a spirit or daemon to have total control and influence over you and your affairs. “Full possession” is not something I can define as many who come out of full possession don’t recall what they did when possessed, and I’ve seen many things people do in full possession.

  2. Surge of powerful energy, exhilarating, overwhelming, deeply energising to a cellular and molecular level. It’s like a deep injection of energy that seethes through the Mind and blood.

  3. You’ll know if it happens to you, if you don’t know, keep attempting until your mind is changed on the matter. If you feel a projection of energy that doesn’t necessarily come from your core, then it may be some kind of possession.

  4. My only tip is take it seriously and wholeheartedly, show respect where is due… and have fun and do what is intended, no mismatch or wrong turns — it will work.

Take care


My ex had full possessions randomly, he had clue no what he did during them and I had to tell him what happened.

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Thanks for your response, yes, thats what im attempting. I also understand in many cases (like mine) can be a process of several attempts and even so, during the rituals, the energy of the entity may enter but the body and mind needs days to asimilate it. Nevertheless, the agreement has been made, and the energy is starting to flow very stongly into my chakras, my thought patterns are starting to change a bit, and my behavior, feelings and sensations also. I also discovered that you should need to have your kundalini decently aligned before any type of posession, and my attempt was perfect- posession according to Koetting and this forums “language”, i missed that on the title :sweat_smile:

Thats actually pretty dangerous. Was he a LHP practitioner? Do you have an anecdote to recall about something very uncommon happeing while he was possessed?

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He was LHP, we did a bunch of dangerous magick together, he has a bit of my soul which in retrospect I shouldn’t have done.

Beelzebub came out through him once and told me “this isn’t the lifestyle you want, go home”

Kinda out of topic here but if I remember correctly EA Koetting said you would never get possessed for no reason, you should be contacting the demon and really wanting it yourself

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be careful what you wish for. possession isn’t to be treated lightly. you might not remember things for months or yrs. depending on situation. other than that. have fun on your trip. whatever that might be. =o)

i know its nothing of my bussiness, but i suggest you should be very skeptikal. Sometimes, rituals “feel” real and strong when done, but theres more of strong auto-suggestion involved which creates beliefs and supperstition rather than the real thing. i dont believe he has a part of your soul, or whatever that means, you may be connected by feelings still, which happens in every couple and those random possessions may have 2 explanations in my opinion: 1) real spirits did possessed him, although, they lied as i dont believe beelzebub would simple appear from nowhere and chose him without effort, like, you know how many veteran black magickians prepare for MONTHS for the posession to take place? and 2) is either a cunning simple spirit, or his own mind is tricking him that he´s possessed, the “chosen one by beelzebub” etc, and thats just ego. There´s a 3) which is his a complete liar and took advantage of you believing him so he could some power over you. Just opinions, have a nice day!

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Beelzebub just came to talk to me and give me a message, he didn’t give a name at the time and it took a long time figure it out.

My ex has been studying the occult for decades. This isn’t some flash in the pants Larping thing.

He is considered one of those black magick veterans.

People who read energy can see a part of my soul went missing after the ritual. Plus I still feel his strings sometimes, even a year after not talking.

What ritual did you do? Was it something very specific?

It was sex magick based on some of Alchester Crowley’s stuff.

But he apparently had a link for possession he opened up a long time ago, most are parasites but they come out sometimes.

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That’s true, the demon has to be invited