Full Moon


Hey, tonights is a full moon. I dont know much about that besides the fact that I feel some energy. That full moons are special. And that I had a “vision” yesterday of a full moon and so today I found out if was going to be a full moon and took that vision as a sign.

I dont know what it is a sign for, has to be more than just letting me know theres a full moon today. I also have the impluse to do something because of the full moon. I wish I knew exactly what.

Im pretty new and dont know much about magick. But today I feel that I wanna learn, to connect. So I did something.

I made a circle outside in the sunlight out of leaves. symbolic of nature and eternity and all that. I then for some reason happened to find natural quartz buried in the dirt in the little creek. So I put them on the outside of the circles. There a 5 but I didnt know how to place them. All of a sudden I get the feeling that maybe I can make that into a pentagram or something. Yeah, thats what ill do.

I dont really know what im about to do. I dont know if its safe. I just imagine that tonight even though I c ant even see the full moon because of the clouds and lightning. That ill sit in that circle. I dont know what im supposed too do, or ask for. If im looking to connect with my higher conciousness. i dont know. Maybe ill meditate to the sounds and feel the energy.

My mom is the most negative person I know, but to make things short im in a bad bad mood like always and I can never seem to escape her energy. It makes me wanna scream and maybe even cry and any other emotion that has me feeling “uggghhh:( >:O ahhhh!!!” <-- like that.

I need answers. I just dont know what the questions I want answers too even are. Maybe im looking for questions so I can have something to want an answer too.

I have the urge to do this. Im pretty scared. Its dark where I live, Im gonna be sitting in a circle trying to channel something and I dont even know what that is. I dont wanna not know what im chanelling, maybe its better to ask for something specific. Like nature entities. Trees? Fairies?

Theres this reptillian hybrid I know of. Theres this star mantra i was given if I want to connect with him. I think thats what ill do, because he is benevolent and I know ill be getting lots of love energy. Plus I dreamed of connecting with him last night now that I think about it.

Idk, I just wanna be on the safe side. Is what im doing even legit? Or is that a poorly conducted bootleg little ritual im doing?

Are there any tips or thougths on this? To make things safer or maybe even someone I can connect with.

Thanks for reading my little diary. Sorry about that vent but I feel that I had to let it out.

But since its over im wondering what do you guys usually do for a full moon? Do you have plans tonight? Is a full moon really even “all that”.

Alright then, I guess ill get some last minute things prepared. Hope my mom doesnt catch me doing this lol, its hard believing what I believe in my fundamentally christian family. My mom was really conviced I was demon possesed for writing down dreams lol. I can only wonder what she would think. Oh well.

But I feel like things will go good with this, even if they go bad. I feel like when my time to die or something big like that comes it will happen. But until then im kind of safe from harm or whatever because of that.

But yeah. sorry for this long confusing jumble of venting and questions. Hopefully its at least interesting to read.


Relax, then relax, and Relax some more. Smile from the heart, and be joyful, and comforted in the knowledge that you have Limitless potential to fulfill any goal you set for yourself.


Intention plays a big roll in magickal ritual. So does going with your instinct. I would say it sounds like you’ve got something pretty important coming tonight. Stick with it - prepare your mind. Stay open. Take a shower and cleanse yourself of all negativity. Whether or not anything happens that comes into your awareness, it is important to remember that, with intention comes that which was intended, no matter what degree it comes in. If you intend on finding answers, you will. Simply believe that answers will come - no matter how inexperienced you are. Know that what you are about to do is important - don’t let doubt get in the way - and know that even if it does, as long as you hold your intent and believe that it will work whether or not you doubt what you are doing, it will work. I have found that to be extremely useful. I simply believe that doubt has no effect - therefore it doesn’t.
Good luck.


I love the fact that you are trusting your instincts to guide you and following them! That really is the best way to learn and to carve your own path. As for “why” I would say ‘why not?’

There’s nothing wrong with seeking knowledge, contact & validation. The full moon IS a unique time of power, and one you can count on to ‘be there’ without fail every 29 days. At least in the beginning, while you are building up confidence, such bits of knowledge are a benefit.

In my tradition of Celtic magick what you’re doing actually has a name - its called “Drawing Down the Moon” and its sole purpose is to draw power into yourself; to commune with it and feel it and get to know it. Of course, during this process you can use this power to whatever end you desire - and many people do. But you don’t HAVE TO. You can just simply be with it. That is enough.

And there is nothing harmful there; nothing that would frighten or reject you. Its more a sense of ‘resting in the love of the goddess’ or any such ideal that appeals to you.

You are doing extremely well, little one. Trust yourself. :wink: Z


I remember drawing down the moon, that was about the same time my evocation was failing and I couldn’t perform any magic besides candle magic. The ritual your doing sounds kind of elemental and I don’t really know if it will do anything at all except mess with your head. You need to figure out what kind of magic you want to learn and start pathworking. I recommend necromancy, vampyrism, and black magic but necromancy gets hard after you get the evocation of shades down and start trying to reanimate corpses without demonic aid. You should really read evoking eternity and the book of azazel and if you need help pathworking feel free to inbox me. Always glad to help


Wow, I had wrote the longest reply of thanks and told like a million stories and all that. Too long it seems because my log in timer timed out. But at least you wont have to read a novel.

So basically thanks :slight_smile: your encouragement and advice really put me at ease and helped. Ive been getting so many revelations all day. But yeah due to things that happened vampirism seems to be something I should get into. Also I should see if I can get sent back to the dominican republic next summer see my aunt. I heard she does witchcraft and blackmagick and talks to demons and dead pepole. Channels them. Even her dog seems possesed, his name is Hussein. And since DR is right next to haiti I might maybe delve into that too. I know they doo voo doo.

Yeah, ill stop now before I end up writing pages. lol