Full Moon Tonight

Hi Everyone, I searched but could not find anything related to tonight Full Moon.

Any suggestions on which entity to work with for what purpose or any similar stories/advise as to what to watch out for or keep in mind etc…

I am new to occult and have so far done very few rituals, I did a petition for results with Glasya Labolas during the previous full moon, I didn’t however make any research on how full moon affects magick, I thought ignorance is bliss sort of thing :slight_smile:

Now though before I make further research I wanted to hear from the horses mouth. What are your plans for tonight?

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I don’t work with full moon as much as I used to I might go to a local cemetery actually right next to my house lol and do some necromancy and use a spirit board I made and charge some oils and crystals

I plans for tonight full moon include making sure my door is locked and secured, laying out my candles, and preparing for the inevitable power outage as this hurricane rolls in lol


Great post… im pretty much gonna charge my crystals… i should also set my candles out tonight to charge and fill them with inventions. I may even take a spirtual bath and do a cleansing and banishing ritual either tonight or within the next two nights that we shall receive this full moons energy… I know the full moon. Is in the Zodiac of Leo. Im not too sure what that intails but im sure something good will come out of it

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Good luck, Brother!


If your near the ocean like really close you should probably build a retaining wall with sandbags lol I’ve seen people Do that lol here in the Midwest it’s tornados I live right in the middle tornado ally but we haven’t had any scares this year so far as of tornados Anyway stay safe what other precautions for that you need stay safe friend

It is the 11:11 moon tonight meaning it opens doorways to all things. The full moon acts as an amplifier and connector to the spirit world as you can feel is power. But yeah mostly it acts as an amplifier. Any moon deity, Lilith, any spirit really. Maybe Papa Legba or Janus to open the door. Definitely Lord Ganesha. How this helps.

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Full moon is interesting because it’s great for spirit work and hexing but also very very potent energy for banishment rituals or severing connections what ever that may be

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The full moon basically amplified any ritual you do by tenfold. Banishing, attracting (though many say it’s better for attracting), cleansing. You can do an intention ritual, which will manifest throughout the month and into the next moon cycle. Personally, Azazel is teaching me how to curse tonight, and I’m going to be trying some astral travel. After that, I’m going to make some moon water and some do some potion-work. Take advantage!

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