Full Moon in Leo

Full Moon in Leo mate!

So this Full Moon happened at 14:16 Eastern Time; 2nd Quarter in Leo.

So, I’m not sure who else is feeling this energy today, but I surely do! I’ve done light meditation as well as starting off my Full Moon Ritual. I’m very thankful of being able to have some down time to myself today… Having to provide 2 children and maintain a full time job (10 to 11 hours/day) can be a struggle.

What are your plans for today? :smile_cat:

There’s a full moon in Leo?
Looks at her hyper-energised 4yo, a Leo, and nods in understanding
That…makes sense.
Trying to survive the rest of the day then sleeeeeeeeeep. Wbu?


Full moon is falling on a friday in here , great for love (self or others) and friendship spells :slight_smile:


Hahaha, my 4 year old is a Libra :thinking: lol.

So I cleansed my home and vehicles, mediated, made some spell jars and then took the rest of the day to myself. Thankfully, my partner was able to take the kids so I could catch up on rest.