Full Moon Countdown - 6 Hours To Go

There’s always confusion over time zones etc., this timer should show the correct time to the Pink Moon tonight, which is 01;58 Monday “morning” BST, later Monday for people east, still Sunday evenings for the Americas:

~ Countdown Timer To Full Moon ~


The medieval holiday of Walpurgisnacht aka Hexennacht or Hex Night has become known as The Witches Night. Historically in Germany, the Netherlands, and Scandinavia, black witches hike to a mountain summit and perform baneful witchcraft as close to moonlight as possible. This year a Full Pink Moon (4/29) crosses into The Witches Night (4/30) and provides an unprecedented lunar environment to evoke Belial for a blood pact.
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It’s tonight? I thought it was tomorrow fuck

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Tomorrow’s Walpurgisnacht so still mega-good for most things. :+1:

But I know this one was foxing people hence this thread. If you have plans for tomorrow they should still be cool, they say a Moon holds the power for 3 full days, 1 before & 1 after.


Eh guess I’ll go get the gear. I thought it was tomorrow as well.


Great, I missed a concert online due it being in Melbourne and connection was not working. No matter, I found this thread. FATE. :wink:

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Would this be a good night to try and evoke Azazel?

Would it be a good time to talk to Sallos about my petition?

Ohh shit, this is hilarious, thankk you @Lady_Eva

It’s funny because I am doing my animal farewell ritual tonight and my bonding ritual with 4 deamons. The deamons told me to do it today, I didn’t realise there was any significance until now.

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Take our prayers to the ancestors at the crossroads, Papa Legba. Open up the portal, Belial!

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