Full Moon and your Succubus

I noticed there is quite a few on here who has a succubus/incubus partner
do any of you also feel them stronger the days up to, and the day of the fullmoon?

the last few days have been crazy for me, in a good way, don’t know if any of you have noticed something similar?

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Okay. So I was encouraged to look into the occult again recently by the entity I know. I literally just joined this site today. I saw this post as one of the first posts after making my introduction. I haven’t gotten good at keeping track of lunar phases yet, so I out of curiosity I checked.

Tonight is the harvest moon.

I’ve definitely already noticed that things seem to get more intense previously. Every time I’m getting frustrated because things don’t seem to be going well, and I think to check the phase, it’s new. Every time things have been going well, and I’ve been having amazing experiences and I check, it’s full.

maybe you should plan according to that :wink:

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Yes. Big difference in moon phase with my succubus wife. First time it happened it was like a pure fantasy for a week. Then hardly anything. I’m used to it by now. Took a few months though to get used to the changes.

I reckon the moon influences us as opposed to our succubi/incubi. We can feel our heightened emotions during the full moon. I work night shift, I can feel myself being more psychically sensitive an hour or so before dawn, and when I come home and am ready for sleep I can feel my incubus better then too.

Last night or so I felt his really intense pull to the night and I work with lilith time time to time. You may have a point. Also, I did some checking into it, and turns out that on harvest moon, the curtain between the entities and magicians is weaker ergo, a good time to make a blood pact with Lucifer amaymon.