Full Moon abundance spell

What you will need:

  • $1.00 bill
  • Moon Water - helps the flow of money
  • [Cinnamon] - wealth, money, fortune and quickness
  • [Sage ] or [Florida Water]

What You Will Need To Do:

  • Cleanse your space with sage or Florida water
  • Cast your [circle ] optional
  • Lightly wet your $1 with moon water
  • Use dominate hand, index finger dip it in the moon water and then the cinnamon.
  • Starting at the top left of your dollar, draw a line of cinnamon down towards you. Drawing towards you brings things into your life.
  • Draw 3* lines across - as you do this, think about how easily money will come to you. How quickly and freely it will flow. Feel how grateful and relieved you’ll be.
  • Once completed sit with those thoughts for a few moments.
  • Fold the bill in three.
  • Place it in your wallet, purse, or drawer where it will be untouched.
  • You can always do this again to recharge the bill on the full moon.

*The Angel Number 3 represents growth, inspiration, inner guidance, and manifestation. The energy of joy and faith is embodied in this spiritual number.

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I would added coffee for quickness.

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It sounds interesting.


Does anyone know what to do if you don’t have a US dollar? Here in Aus we have a $1 coin.

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Start with that?

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it was a silly comment of mine, as soon as I posted it - I was like, adapt. :rofl: I’ll just skip the folding part :rofl:

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I am not sure I have Turkish money , I will try to change the ritual according to my situation .

Hope that works for both of us :clap:

I be doing one but using a sock oil oil etc. The thing its a 3 days ritual. But i have to walk on a hundre dllr bill. A full day of work. So like 11 hours. And then bath and done. I post asap.