Full-Body Transformation (Assisted by Magic)

I’ve been at it 3 weeks now. With a few tweaks to my diet, and the help of the nutritional supplements, I’ve dropped 12 lbs of fat.

I’m enrolling full time at the high school, starting in September.

I want to play either hockey or basketball again.

My goal is to drop from 255 lbs to 195 lbs between now and the start of the next school year.

It’s a realistic goal, even without the use of magic to aid the process. But I want to do it anyway.

Q) What demon/angel/entity should I call on to help with the transformation, and what will I need to perform the ritual?

I’ve never used an entity for this purpose other than healing some injuries, so I’m not sure. Though if you need advice on bodyweight training or nutrion(particularly ketogenic diets and friends) I know my shit.

That’s not a full body transformation, it sounds like you’re just adjusting a few things.

Try physical shapeshifting. THAT’S a transformation.

Shapeshifting- physically, magically- has been part of my goals for a while now, and I still feel like it’s some distant star that I’ve hardly walked an inch to on a light years long path.

Though a mental shift would probably also assist you. You say you wish to play hockey or basketball? I don’t know of any creatures that emulate such, but theoretically you could mentally morph to a different human or even warrior.


JD, looks like you’re making strides toward your objective, keep at it brother! As far as compatible intelligences that are allied with your goal, I’ve yet to find one that will deliver on this. I tried working with Cepacha from the Bardon lexicon whose range of influence specializes in this area, and got zero results. This was a surprising disappointment because the other intelligences listed in PME were very forthcoming and extremely helpful. This type of request is likely not uncommon, as an attractive physical appearance can propel someone much farther in this life. Welcome comments from others on any ally entities that have delivered for them.

I’m actually gonna transition to the keto diet as soon as I can afford to get groceries lol. I might be PMing you about it.

You know, an entity that might be good for doing this could be Ku, the hawaiian god of war. He most likely will not work with you unless you get him something special though.