Full bodied apparition of a living person?

Something strange happened this morning . My partner is away, due to come back today.

I went into the Garden this morning and saw him at the bottom of the Garden , dressed in his usual clothes and our Dog was with him. He waved and I thought he had come back early. The only thing different was that our Dog looked different and white. I just put it down to the bright Sunshine and it being a distance away.

Anyway, he came home 30 minutes later with the Dog. It wasn’t him. He had the clothes on I saw him in this morning too.

It was not an intruder, it was him in his true likeness down to hair and clothes.

As I don’t see or hear anything out of rituals , I wonder what or who it was I saw??

This is one of the only times anything has weirded me out


Your partner could have done a weird doppelgänger move (apparently it is a thing and apparently I did so with several people around me already.) without his knowledge. I had a doppelgänger going on in my former office for example, while I was on the phone with a coworker of mine who told me that she just saw me walking past her office although I was only on my way to work. Maybe something similar happened in this case
(I could never find out why apparitions of me would wander the area.Sorry)
There are some superstitions around the whole doppelgänger phenomena.


Thanks! What was weird was my Dog is really Ginger and huge. The Dog that as mimicking or whatever on earth it was doing was White and the same size.

I thought of that, my partner is not at all spiritual though? Maybe it could of been a Demon Mimicking as I have had some stress this morning?

I wonder if yours is still around?

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This stuff started when I wasn’t a “spiritual” person, either. (Not a “Hey, I have seen you before”, but people insisting that I was at the same place, at the same time, asking me why I haven’t greeted them or approached them ,etc. From strangers and familiar people alike. It always weirded me out and at some point I thought that I had a twin going on :joy: )

The question would be why a demon would have any interest in mimicking your partner and a dog if he doesn’t even approach you in this disguise. Since you didn’t seem to get any threatening or unpleasant vibes from this apparition there doesn’t seem to be any foul play, though.


Aren’t Doppelgangers meant to be a sign or doom and sickness in a person? Or is that just superstition? Did you get sick around the time yours was wandering?

No, it was a very normal encounter , no bad feeling or energy at all. Just plain weird

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As far as the superstitions go Doppelgänger are said to be dangerous when someone is seeing their own Doppelgänger somewhere

I don’t think so. Especially not during the more recent events.

Yes, I imagine. Maybe your partner is going through some kind of awakening phase without his knowledge or something (I can’t say for the dog, tho. Lel.), maybe his spirit/ethereal body transformed into something more tangible for whatever reason and maybe…
maybe other forum members have much better explanations :thinking:

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The only thing different was I am in a pact with King Belial and I asked Belial to protect him ( my partner) as we have a dickhead neighbour that tried to mount the pavement last night to make us think he was going to run the Dog over when I had him on a walk. Just general dickhead behaviours. My partner wanted to do him in

Never had anything like this before at all … Thanks so much though

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Ah, ok.
It could be a sync, then :+1:t2:

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No idea. Since doing this pact lots of things have been changing and opening.

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Could you pm me please? About something else you told me once from my old account that has closed some time ago

The only other thing I could thing of is a remote location, similar to remote viewing, but where the experience of being there is strong enough that a sensitive could see it as full. This isn’t the same thing as @A_Pariah. More of a Bi-location, but possible.

Edit - giving other possibilities, nothing more

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Thank you. I have no idea. I know what I saw and can’t find a reason for it logically. I never usually see anything much so I am not used to visions or such things outside ritual