I just wanted to share my experience in deep meditation last night. A few days ago in ritual with lucifer I asked to see him to send me a vision of him because I havent seen him in awhile which, has kind of made me feel more distant from him than usual. For some reason I’ve also been drawn to lilith with her sigil appearing into my mind and me unable to shake it for the past few days. Last night in deep meditation I saw a vision of both of them. They were against some kind of wall lucifer faced towards me he was so pure, beautiful and angelic. I could tell he was not wearing clothing but his form I cant recall At the top of his head it looked like flesh twisted into two horns distorted almost. His expression blank but my heart leapt with joy as I called out to him. Lilith faced the wall as I called out to her telepathically she turned 45 degrees so I could see her. She was wearing a long dress black filled with the void (the room was dark only lit by Lucifer’s radiance) her dress and hair darker than the room we stood in. Her complexion pale as his her skin had never been touched by the sun. Her face was blank and her hair covered her eyes. I got the feeling she didnt need them to see. Then the vision stopped. I’m not putting this up for personal glory but to exalt them for fulfilling my wish.