Fugitive Thoughts

Fugitive Thoughts

The main reason for unhappiness is people seeking happiness.

The only two rituals you really need to know are a Banishing and an Invoking. Learn them both in that order. I use an Inverted Pentagram ritual, but you suit yourself. After serious practice you’ll realise that all other rituals are elaborations of these twins. Can be used to banish bad energies, bad habits, negative thoughts and spiritual entities (which is really why you need it). Invoking can bring and allow you to direct energies.

Again I recommend chanting. I also recommend creating your own 100% natural counting beads. Pre-drilled wooden, natural stone even glass beads are available on-line as is silk, hemp fibre or cotton thread. Numbers are a matter for you but lhp old favourites include 7, 9, 11, 13 and 21. I recommend three sets of whatever number(s) you choose separated by two larger dividing beads and a larger still Head-Bead to count the rounds. (If you can’t get hold of beads, knots in string work great too and are discreet.)

Make and learn how to use your own Magickal weapons. There’s lots of reasons why. Magickal weapons are props that help you internalise, so treat these with respect. Someone posted something about The 4 Laws of the Sphinx and of course I highly commend it.

If you haven’t already, research various Taro decks online. Find one that suits you. This process shouldn’t be hurried. A week is a bare minimum of time to spend research decks online. Purchase deck, a square 100% natural cloth and a 100% natural material bag big enough to carry cards permanently wrapped in the square cloth. That cloth and bag should be washed in just water and allowed to dry only at night, never in sunlight. Moonlight is best. This only needs doing once - as important purification. When both are dry you can open your box of Taro cards and wrap so that when you unwrap them they are always on the same side of the cloth.

Please, I’m typing this on bended knee, don’t buy or read any fucking Taro books (including the shitty ones that come with many decks) or read what someone else has posted online about what the cards mean! Just take your time and study the cards. Gaze upon a card then close your eyes and see it. You’ll workout in your own time what you can do that ability. Notice repeated symbolism in the Major Arcana? Workout the layered messages in Major Arcana 1 – 7; 8 – 14; 15 – 21? So what’s The Fool all about then? All Taro cards represent energies and card layouts represent how these energies interact with one another. After you’ve spent quite sometime becoming acquainted with those energies via those cards you can research online, purchase and study books – of which Alfred Douglas’ The Tarot (illustrated by David Sheridan) remains a little paperback masterpiece.

Finally, if you want to fuck yourself up or help tip someone who is unstable over the edge I highly recommend The Lesser Headless Ritual. This takes time to learn but in terms of fast acting mind-fuck with swift results there’s really nothing like it. Tell your unstable victim that this is part of the western mystery tradition that they can use to take control of their environment. In reality and with your encouragement, if they apply themselves they’ll destroy themselves because this simplified ritual packs a big punch they won’t be able to handle! Are you game enough to use it? And will you be keeping and perhaps later sharing your notes?

As always, I remain yours with restrained affected,



I do have to say the quote on happiness is a good meditation quote in my opinion.

Why the inverted over the upright?
I remember blindly trying it out of Crowley’s big blue book before life took an I’ll turn.
Same with Uncle Barehearts dodekagram ritual vibrating Uranus.

The tarot education is a great point, which @Lady_Eva has mentioned several times, that their energies should be contained, and as a prior GD/BOTA student, they carry their own dogma. As a lot of the reading or interpretation tends to come from subconscious, the lunar bit is highly relevant.

So my daily use of the Bornless/Headless ritual from Golden Dawn/Abrasax might have not been good practice, much like allowing all thoughts/daydreams to run free.

Thanks much.

A friend of mine used to work for Madame Cleos call center. He tried to use his own or prepackaged meaning in the testing phase, and his trainer had a final say:
“Look at the cards!! What do the pictures tell you?”
An example was an eight or Nine of swords showing up in a reading of mine. He told me the same thing he was told with an additional statement:
“See a woman tied up and blindfolded with a pool of blood at her feet? Not a pretty picture is it? What does all I’ve said mean with the position of that card in the spread?”
Thank you Phil for that.

The hardest tarot decks I’ve seen are the Wang Golden Dawn and Thoth decks.
Thoth because a lot of the imagery makes little sense to me, and the Wang because you need a great Qabalah understanding to use the minor arcana cards.