Fuel of our minds (Important step)

I was thinking since i, and many others here have encountered different kind of problems in the past were they mental like not being able to concentrate or anything else. I was thinking that all of these problems from depression to anything that people often seem to have nowadays probably come from this corrupted culture of GMO food and people being prescribed poisonous medicine for everything. So if we want to be powerful wizards in every way, full of wisdom, full of physical and mental power. We should hereby consider what we are stuffing our body and so forth the mind with; i offer you to watch this documentary i just watched - there are many others, do your own research if you are interested.

Don’t trust the doctor, trust the real nature is what i would like people to understand - and so forth make it possible for me to live healthy as well.

Idk should i put some kind of disclaimer here, well i don’t claim to be licensed medical personnel or in any way approved by FDA :smiley:


Hm. Yes. I concur. Especially after any ritual, now. I drink organic grassfed raw milk with eggs and carob. Bless ‘em first. And the growers, and the makers. Never had an energy loss. Always feel fantastic, even after my first evocation of Belial where I thought my mind might cave during the process. Started soaking all my grains, flours, and legumes, and nuts overnight; blessing them and the people who aided in getting them to me. Lacto-fermenting vegetables and blessing the bacteria that regenerates my body. Lots of chicken stock; dog gets the pulverized carcass with raw grassfed cream in her dinners (ear mites and fungus are gone with her b.o. and dog breath) My cooking has taken a turn for the delicious, food allergies are gone, fibromyalgia, too. Making muffins for my parents’ church kids and infusing them with curiosity and disillusionment. Keeping chemicals off the kids, and cleaning baby with only breastmilk (heals pink eye, ear infections, diaper rash), pre-chewing her food to supply digestive enzymes she doesn’t yet produce. Life is better when the family never gets sick. Being rested enough to do rituals frequently is definitely worth the extra bit of forethought. And I’m learning to plan and have a broader scope that adds to the anti-anxiety effects of a super digestive system. Which strengthens the will. Helps with the whole ‘my will be done’ part.