Fuego's Journal

A Stanford lecture on Behavioral Biology, a tie in between humans and the study of life.

Reading through subjective synthesis/prepatory immersion through various evocation books.

Getting back onto paper journal. Need to condense all both on paper and online so journals are more complete than checkboxes in the past.
Thoughts, rituals, exercises, etc.

Daily Tarot Three Draw:
Major: 0 The Fool (Air) following yesterdays XIX The Sun (Sol)
Court: Page of Pentacles (Earth of Earth, T of NANTA) following yesterdays Ace of Pentacles (Spirit of Earth, A of NANTA)
Minor: 3 of Pentacles/Coins/Disks following yesterdays 6 of Cups
Goets of the Day: Astaroth, Andrealphus
Shems of the Day: Yechavah, Lehachiah
Meaning: Skilled trade, passing of projects or endeavors leading to new ones, referrals or critics by mouth and eyes

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Yesterday’s Tarot Contemplation Ritual:
XV The Devil

Todays three draw:
Major Meditation: XII Hanged Man (Water)

Court Card Meditation: King of Pentacles (Fire of Earth, N of NANTA)

Minor Meditation: Three of Pentacles (second day in a row) (Binah of Assiah). Sol in Capricorn (I think)

Just a thought regarding my last moment of magickal despair. At the moment, writing petitions.
3 of Disks/Coins/Pentacles has come up two days in a row. I guess Astaroth and Andrealphus want to chat.

Ever since taking on Demons of Magick as a challenge, I know I need to move on to Ritual Two, but haven’t completed all 72 for Ritual One yet.

Im taking a specific, particular approach, one that lets me know if Demons are on board or not.

Tried this morning to stimulate my third eye, to no avail. Will have to review old bo oks on clairvoyance for exercise ideas.

Other than that, Happy Thanksgiving Bro!

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Before I bounce off to work, hope everyone has a great day.

Did morning Adorations and standard QC/LRP/QC.

Prayers out for friends and loved ones to be kept free from harm or evil.

Tried to strongly visualize the pentagrams, the circle and the archangels.
Seeing and feeling their presence before basic color visualization, hearing the pentagrams on fir and feeling their heat.

My daily tarot meditations 3 draw:
XIX The Sun acting through the Ace of Swords upon 6 of Wands
XIX The Sun - Sol - Hod-Yesod. Regeneration, healing, material comfort.
Link between imagination and natural magic.
Ace of Swords - Root of the Powers of Air, Spirit of Air, Kether of Yetzirah.
Authority in communication, purity of thought. Rash wrath.
6 of Wands, Lord of Victory, Tiphareth of Atziluth. Jupiter in Leo.
Goets: Leraje, Furcas
Shems:Saitel, Olmiah

Have a great magical day!!

Researching wards and shields at the moment. One thing I fid interesting is how many of us don’t keep our dwelling or temple tidy. My place is a pigsty, and no wonder bugs have found their way into my place. So, I guess with what days I have off I get my house in order.
Cleaning and purging with saltwater and incense, perhaps a Rose Cross Ritual, or Liber Israel to clear the space.
As below, so above.
QC/LRP/QC I usually do daily.
Evocation of beings … hmm.
4 Bottles placed in quarters, this is new to me.

So basically for wards, I need a lot of herbs, a lot of salt and a lot of stones.

God I love this song.

My daily tarot meditations 3 draw:
0 The Fool acting through the Knight of Pentacles upon 4 of Cups
0 The Fool - Air - Kether-Chokmah. The power of Now! Don’t let yourself be driven around the bend. It is foolish to worry about events or consequences which simply cannot be weighed up right now.
Knight of Pentacles - , Air of Earth, Tiphareth of Assiah.
Authority in communication, purity of thought. Rash wrath.
4 of Cups, Lord of , Chesed of Briah. Luna in Cancer.
Goets: Sitri, Haagenti
Shems: Hayayel, Mevamayah

Would fill this in more but have to get off to work.