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My two main journals is the Lounge Fuegos Accountability Journal which is the most up to date, followed by My Celtic Adventure. Just a PSA. I plan to consolidate everything at some point.


Every day I try an idea based off Golden Dawn information on the reason why a tarot trump exists by means of this acting throu planet upon constellation.
So, I pull in order left to right, major stack, court and ace stack, and minor stack.
Each minor card has a morning angel and demon and a night angel and demon assigned to the card. The demons are goetia, the angels Shemhamphoresh.
I shuffle, stack one and pull the top card off each stack.
I then look up the angels from The Golden Dawn in Book T, the demons from Illustrated Goetia. I also try to meditate on and note detail, and see the card clearly in my mind.
Same with the court in terms of meditation and visualization, same with the major.
The way I see this acting is Major acting thru Court upon Minor.

Monkeys on my mind.
The past couple days I’ve thought about chimps and such, and see social pecking orders.
One thing missing.
I even bought a monkey latex face wrap for shamanistic purposes.

I was sitting in a kings pose on my bed, only my knees were obviously up so more like a sitting chimp.
Evolution came to mind.
Then a thought relayed: Primal instincts but forward evolutionary steps.

Magickal reading:
Book of Spirit Communications, chaps 5-6, 9-10
Complete book of Witchcraft chaps 3-5
Modern Magick - chaps 2-3
Celtic magic 3-5

Initiation into Hermetics, OSS, OAA lessons for visualization exercises should time permit

Read chapter 5 on Spirit Guides and did a mental ward and shield exercise.
Did five minute white candle meditation on the thought.
A fraternity versus a Shaman vs a Lodge vs a Magician.
Which is primal, and which is evolutionary?

Call off due to irritated sciatic nerve.
General reading based on feelings about employment…
Split hexagram spread

Greater spiritual influence - X Wheel of Fortune
Lesser spiritual influence - XIII Death
Spiritual Advice - XX Judgement
Unconscious desires - XIV Temperance
Conscious desires - XXI The World
Practical advice - VI Lovers
Final Outcome - XI Justice
Top of deck - 0 The Fool

Irritated about a recent post having a link removed to a paper that was critical for newbies to understand Shem angels, as well as tons of material I would have to convey in a layman level. Fuck it, the diligent ones open to the Shem will find it.

Cause and effect, sowing and reaping. Change and transformation. Decision and announcement.
84 to 95 as numerology. Top triangle equals 43, the lower triangle 41 and 11 in between. By reduction 9 or 5.
Living within means and doing well on the job are the desires. The practical advice is overcome the trials.
Final outcome balance and equilibrium.

Daily random tarot draw:
Major med: I Magician
Court med: King of Swords
Minor med: 6 of Wands
Mercury acting through Fire of Air upon 6 of Wands.
I note that looking at the three pile, all wear a red cloak. The sword in the kings hand is the same as the position of the Magicians arms.

Morning adorations done.
Lesser invoking air ritual of the Pentagram done.

Today’s angels #59-60
You pronounce their name and attributes, then the psalm verses:

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All morning and evening adorations done, along with LRP air invoking.

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Todays tarot draw:
III Empress - Venus - Creative Power,
Page of Swords - Earth of Air (Enochian)
6 of Cups - Sun 10-20 in Scorpio
23 Duke Aim
59 Marquis Oriax
21 Nelachel
22 Ieiael

Leave it to me to have 20 tabs open in my browser at any time.
Fuegos Journal, Fuegos Accountability Journal, My Celtic Adventure, Purples Beginner Advice, Black Magic Training, Official Demonic Banishing Ritual, Ultimate Psychic Senses Guide. Just a few open tabs.

My favorite BS album.

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Watching VK

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The second video has trance properties, especially combined with weed.