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Some morning Schoolboy Q

and speaking of truth, some Pacman Da Gunman

Avatar was good show! My only problem is that teachers like that or even spirit teachers talk more like this Stargate SG-1 - Oma and Daniel - YouTube and it’s hard to tell exactly what they mean.

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No work done today. Low mood. It was a great day til I came home. Changed schedule, retiring early.

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021 - Orange day

Current Moon phase:

August 11, 2021 Waxing Crescent Virgo\ 16x16Virgo 23°24’ (chart)

Current Moon is in VirgoVirgo:Your feeling of safety is now related to order and clarity, even in emotions. You may have the need to organise everything chaotic and disorganized. Try being more tolerant and accept imperfections of life. It is better to trust life and let it run its own way, not everything must be according to our expectations.Calculate your personal birth Moon Phase & Moon SignOrgans influenced by the current Virgo Virgo Moon Sign:

Organs: Pancreas, small intestine, cecum, colon, digestive tract, duodenum, rectum, sense organs: eyes and ears.

These organs are now more sensitive so provide them with extra care.


Venus in Virgo transit today
Sun transists from Cancer to Leo on 17th
Mercury in Leo, transits into Virgo on 26th
Mars in Leo, transits into Venus on Sep 6
Jupiter in Sagittarius, transits into Capricorn on Sep 14
Mecury retrograde on Oct 2 in Virgo
Time to look at an Ephemeris again

Dreams: None

Marijuana use: Some

Mental Notes: Stressed. Depression low, anxiety high, mood low.

Physical notes: Usual neck, back, thigh and knee pain. Low.

Diet: So far a cup of black tea


Lord of the Universe adoration
Morning Liber Resh Vel Helkios adoration

Tarot Contemplation Ritual: Ace of Pentacles


Jean DuBuis Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge, Donald Kraig Modern Magick, Israel Regardie, Golden Dawn/Foundations of Practical Knowledge, Julius Evola Introduction to Magick, Ciceros Self Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition, Stephen Ashe Complete Golden Dawn Initiate, DJ Conway Celtic Magic, and Kaballah Magick and Self Transformation.
Up to third chapter each with full exercises done, third chapter starts this week. One chapter per week.

Synchronicities - None

The Work

Color for Day - Orange

Chakra Construction: Created and grew and shrank first two.

Psychic Development - Be aware today of everything silver, and give consideration to it and how it relates psychically or by synchronicity.

Meditations: None yet.

Correspondece chart for the Hebrew Alphabet, elements and planets and signs, and tarot associations, meaings and attributions
Invocations to Archangels
Planetary and zodiacal invocations

Planetary Invocations

Mercury today
Was also looking through Lyra Graecia and looking for Olympic Spirit invocations and Orphic Hymns.

Zodiacal Invocations

Gemini, Virgo

Liber Resh Vel Helios

Midnight and Morning done, with appropriate signs


Middle Pillar Ritual -

BR/BA Exercise -

Tarot Contemplation Ritual - Ace of Pentacles (One of Minor Arcana per day)

Knowledge Review

Will do knowledge review.


Grounding by present moment and controlled breathing.
Wards - LRP, Spirit suit
Shields - Mirror suit

Enchantment/Layered Spells/Peitition Spells/Egregores/Servitors

Psychic Exercises and Meditations: Chakras construction, growth, and deflation


Body Awareness Exercise
Controlled Breathing
Relaxation Ritual
3-Sun meditation:
Void meditation:
7 Day Mental Chatter challenge: Day 1
3 Minute mental mini dump:
Core Shamanism:
Tarot Contemplation Ritual:
Tarot Meditation: Ace of Pentacles


Body Awareness
Relaxation Ritual
Elemental Equilibriation Ritual:
Middle Pillar Ritual Exercise:
Rising on the Planes Ritual:
Ritual of the Pentagram:
Ritual of the Hexagram:
Ritual of the Heptagram:
Ritual of the Octagram:
Ritual of the Enneagram:
Ritual of the Decagram:
The Bornless Ritual:


Magical Goals

To be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong, positive and
healthy enough to hold a job that require wisdom and skill, and compensates me well."
To be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong, positive and
healthy enough to hold a job that require wisdom and skill, and compensates me well."
0. To be employed and pay rent dquarely and on time without being broke afterward.

  1. To be more proactive and thoroughly detailed with effective time management.
  2. To be physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually mature and healthy.
  3. To be wealthy and put money to good positive use outside myself, while taking care of myself.
  4. To be spiritually and physically and mentally clean, focused, skilled, and loving
  5. To be in control of my own time, to never be late or absent for anything.

The Pattern on the Trestleboard

This Is Truth About The Self
0 All the Power that ever was or will be is here now.
1 I am a center of expression for the Primal Will-to-Good which eternally creates and sustains the Universe.
2 Through me its unfailing Wisdom takes form in thought and word.
3 Filled with Understanding of its perfect law, I am guided, moment by moment, along the path of liberation.
4 From the exhaustless riches of its Limitless Substance, I draw all things needful, both spiritual and material.
5 I recognize the manifestation of the Undeviating Justice in all the circumstances of my life.
6 In all things, great and small, I see the Beauty of the Divine Expression.
7 Living from that Will, supported by its unfailing Wisdom and Understanding, mine is the Victorious Life.
8 I look forward with confidence to the perfect realization of the Eternal Splendor of the Limitless Light.
9 In thought and word and deed, I rest my life, from day to day, upon the sure Foundation of Eternal Being.
10 The Kingdom of Spirit is embodied in my flesh.



At Dawn, face East. Make the Sign of the Enterer and say:
Hail unto Thee who art Ra in Thy rising, Even unto Thee who art Ra in Thy strength,
Who travelest over the Heavens in Thy bark At the Uprising of the Sun.
Tahuti standeth in His splendor at the prow And Ra-Hoor abideth at the helm.
Hail unto Thee from the Abodes of Night!
Give the Sign of Silence and stamp the left foot on the ground.
At Noon, face South. Give the same gestures as before.
Hail unto Thee who art Hathor in Thy triumphing, Even unto Thee who art Hathor in Thy beauty,
Who travelest over the Heavens in Thy bark At the mid-course of the Sun.
Tahuti standeth in His splendor at the prow And Ra-Hoor abideth at the helm.
Hail unto Thee from the Abodes of Morning!
Give the Sign of Silence.
At Sunset, face West.Give the same ritual gestures as before.
Hail unto Thee who art Tum in Thy setting, Even unto Thee who art Tum in Thy joy,
Who travelest over the Heavens in Thy bark At the down-going of the Sun.
Tahuti standeth in His splendor at the prow And Ra-Hoor abideth at the helm.
Hail unto Thee from the Abodes of Day!
Give the Sign of Silence.
At Midnight or when retiring, face North. Give the same gestures as before.
Hail unto Thee who art Khephera in Thy hiding, Even unto Thee who art Khephera in Thy silence,
Who travelest over the Heavens in Thy bark At the Midnight Hour of theSun.
Tahuti standeth in His splendor at the prow And Ra-Hoor abideth at the helm.
Hail unto Thee from the Abodes of Evening!
Give the Sign of Silence.


Stand and face East. Perform the Qabalistic Cross.
Facing East, use the index finger of the right hand, a dagger, or the black end of the
Outer Wand of Double Power to trace a large banishing pentagram of Earth.
Thrust the dagger/wand tip or index finger through the center of the pentagram and
vibrate “YHVH.” (Yode-Heh-Vav-Heh), (Keep the right arm extended throughout;
never let it drop. The pentagrams should be visualized in either a flaming blue or
brilliant white Light.)
Turn to the South and trace the same pentagram there. Charge the figure as before,
intoning “ADONA/” (Ahdoh-nye).
Turn to the West and trace the pentagram. Charge it with “EHEIEH” (Eh-hey-yay).
Turn to the North and draw the pentagram, intoning “AGLA” (Ah-gah-lah). Keep the arm extended.
Turn to face the East. Extend both arms out in the form of a cross and say,
“Before me RAPHAEL” (Rah-fahy-el). Visualize before you the great Archangel of Air rising out
of the clouds in flowing yellow and violet robes, carrying a Caduceus Wand.
Behind you visualize another figure and say “Behind me GABRIEL” (Gah-bree-el).
See the Archangel stepping out of the sea like the goddess Venus, dressed in robes
of blue and orange, with cup in hand.See to your right another figure in flaming red and green
robes carrying a sword.
Say “On my right hand MICHAEL” (Mee-ehai-el). See another great Archangel at your left, who rises
up from the vegetation of the Earth in robes of citrine, olive, russet, and black, holding stems
of ripened wheat.
Say, “On my left hand URfEL” (Ur-ee-el).
(Say:) “For about me flames the pentagram, and in the column shines the Six-rayed Star.”
Repeat the Qabalistic Cross.

Uses of the Pentagram Ritual

This simple yet powerful cleansing ritual can be used as a protection against the impure magnetism
of others. It is also a way to rid oneself of obsessing or disturbing thoughts. Give a mental image
to your particular thought or disturbance and visualize it before you. Project it out of your aura
with the Saluting Sign of a Neophyte, and when it is away from you, prevent its return with the Sign
of Silence. Then imagine the form in the East and perform the LBRP. See the form dissolving on the
outside of your ring of flaming pentagrams.
The LBRP can be used as an exercise in concentration. While seated or lying down, formulate yourself
standing up in robes and holding a dagger. Place your consciousness in this astral form and go to the
East. Make yourself “feel” there by touching the wall, opening your eyes, stamping on the floor, etc.
Let your astral form perform the ritual, circumambulating the room and mentally vibrating the words.
Finish in the East and try to see your results astrally, then walk back and stand behind your physical
body and let your astral body be re-absorbed.
The LBRP is to be performed daily for no less than a period of six months. In fact, it should be practiced daily regardless of one’s grade. The Golden Dawn manuscripts advocated doing the invoking form of this ritual in the morning and the banishing form at night. However we feel that the Neophyte needs to concentrate solely on the banishing form, since s/he has a tendency to light up on the astral and unknowingly attract all manner of Elementals at this early stage of the Work. It is far more important for the Neophyte to know how to banish rather than to invoke. Anyone can attract an Elemental or an energy. Getting rid of the same can be more difficult. This, along with the LRP, is to be done daily with all diligence. Some salutary results may follow.


Face East and say, “Holy art Thou, Lord of the Universe!” Give the Projection Sign.
Say, “Holy art Thou, whom Nature hath not formed!” Give the Projection Sign.
Say, “Holy art Thou, the Vast and the Mighty One!” Give the Projection Sign.
Say, “Lord of the Light, and of the Darkness!” Give the Sign of Silence.
(Note: This affirmation should be done daily.)

The Invocation of Thoth/Hermes/Mercury/Ogma/Odin:

Key of Solomon Mercury Pentacles

Drew pentacles of Mercury

Adorations: Morning, afternoon completed with appropriate signs.

Was sleeping since morning. Going shopping to break mindset.

Inventory - New items added:
1 48-piece box wax crayons
1 Tabletop glass jar candle, Green (Coconut-Lime)
1 Tabletop glass jar candle, Orange (Hawaiian)
1 vial oil, Sandalwood

Awake as can be

Beautiful colors.

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Sick, power is out in region, can’t get ahold of work, likely they’re shut down. And phone and laptop are both nearly dead.

I … sense … A meditation day!!


I love the way you think Feugo. That’s what I thought too when covid started last year.

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Love this song. Old family favorite we used to sing.