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Journal entry for today, 3-19-2018
Dreams – Several, no details recalled.
Physical notes – Some minor knee and back pain, will have to instill some self discipline moving forward for myself:
a. Regular sleep schedule, reduce sugar and caffeine intake, LRP earth banishing and midnight solar adoration before going to sleep.
b. Up at a regular early hour to greet the sun, morning solar adoration, salutation to lord of the universe, feet on soil circle casting and grounding, active spirit invoking LRP, yoga asanas with proper pranayama, and fifteen minute visulaization and fifteen minute active meditation as conclusion to morning exercises. Shower, eat (small portion, cereal and piece of fruit at least) and dress. Minimal coffee intake, water until lunchtime if thirsty.
c. Invoking LRP of element of day, example, tomorrow is Tuesday (Mars), so Fire invoking. Afternoon solar adoration, rituals until evening.
d. Evening solar adoration and evening salutation, eat and back to rituals until bedtime, also indoor visualization exercises and grounding/warding.
Rear house gutter finished, so now any house improvement tasks are indoors for the week.

Mental notes – Really visualized kids returning home or the thejameshouse.

LRP earth banishing, and air/active spirit invoking (Monday, Luna)
Bornless ritual
Invocation to Angel of Lost Things with first child name, invocation to Earth Mother for animals to be our eyes and ears in the working.
Invocation that @Lady_Eva suggested
Invocation to select angels, Sayotel, Michael and Raphael primarily.
Litany of Lost Children invocation that @ashtkerr wrote
Visual meditation.
Close ritual with license to depart.

Bedtime – Midnight solar adoration, invoking active spirit pentagram (normally would be banishing earth, but need increased power and intuition for today and tomorrow).


@thatrandomguy … closer to what you were referring to in the reading earlier today?

Mental note, work this in with @Raven_Maleficus and @kiss-lamia-lilith instruction…





The parts after physical notes?

If so, while this gives you a magical grounding to go off of it doesn’t allow you to see the main problems that you need to fix, include the “synchronicities and meanings” part into it and that’ll help with that.


Next one to invoke for…
“They say 16-year-old Skylar Flynn was last seen in Lexington on March 11, and may still be in the area.”

And the third I will do today …
Missing-Endangered Savannah Mae Kennell, also known as Savy, was last seen when she left her home March 16, 2018, in Lexington, Virginia. She was last seen carrying a navy blue backpack with doughnuts pictured all over it. She has previously lived in Augusta County and is possibly hiding out in Greenville, Stuarts Draft, Staunton or Waynesboro.

@Fuego Yay Lilith Journal :smiley:


3/19/2018-3/20/2018 Journal Note
Synchronicities: While thinking about the group project, noticed a commercial for thejameshouse.org … Which is an organization that takes in homeless children/teens. Perhaps its not ideal, but it does help with intake once found.

Also thinking as part of the purification section of the ritual, a curse for those who would obstruct from bringing the ritual to a successful completion, in terms of those who seek to fuel or continue working against us, and continuing human trafficking and abducting children for other purposes.

Dreams - None recalled.

Physical notes - None necessary to note, other than a little sleep deprived.

Mental notes - Mundane thoughts and needs scattered, do need to take care of a couple hours of housework in between rituals today. Late start. Beginning morning work shortly.

Meditation: Arianna Stone is found alive amd well, and brought to a safe home.

Rituals, starting 9:30 am edt.
Morning salutation - completed
Morning adoration - completed
LBRP - completed with qabbalistic crosses as well
LIRP, active spirit and fire. - completed
Evocation of Angel of Lost Things - completed
Invocation, “Let them come” - completed
Invocation, “Litany of Lost Children” - completed
Middle Pillar Ritual - completed
License to Depart - completed
*smelled cherry blossoms *

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Synchronicity – Second day in a row that the Cardinal (red, Tuesday, mars day) visited on the side fence looking toward me. I said “Hail unto thee” with Zelator sign, given, “guarantee our Success”. As it flew away, a dove atop the barn stared at me, I said the same, it flew away. Birds in the treeline, I said to them the same also with declaration of intent, they flew away in different directions.
On to the work.

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Over the past week, have been concentrating on angel seals, now the birds appear, taking the greeting and charge. May the animals of the earth be our eyes, ears and messengers.



@Fuego I got sent a sign today while doing tarot with a client via a small white feather. :slight_smile: