Fucked Up Shit

Pre Evocation Ritual
Ritual of The Last Airbender
Info: I was bored and decided to do some Fucked up shit like evoking The Fairy Odd Parents and commanding them to give me their power. Same with Danny Phantom. Then I decided to do this shit…

Ritual: Enter into TGS. If you can’t, then zone out. Same thing, almost!

  1. Say: Toph, hear my voice. See my signs. And know that I command the Universe to bring you before me from the depths of the abyss into this Temple! Come, Toph! Come, Toph! Come!

  2. Toph will be standing behind you.

  3. Repeat Conjuration for Katara. She will stand to the Left of you.

  4. Repeat conjuration for Prince Zuko. He will stand in front of you.

  5. Repeat Conjuration for Aang. He will stand to your right.

  6. Finally, repeat conjuration for Azula. She will Stand in front of Prince Zuko.

Here is were shit hits the fan:
It occured to me while in TGS that Toph is an Earthbender therefore, she can open my Muladhara(earth is connected with the Muladhara)!

Katara is a Waterbender. The Svadhistana is connected with water. She can open my Svadhistana.

Zuko is a Firebender. The Manipuras element is fire! He can open the Manipura.

Aang is an Airbender. The Anahata is connected with Air. He can open the chakra.

  1. Say,“Toph, open my Muladhara!” You may have a inner vision of her earthbending. While she is doing it your root chakra will open and be empowered.

  2. Repeat for Katara. You will have a vision of her Waterbending. Your Svadhistana will open and be empowered.

  3. Repeat for Zuko. He will Firebend. Your Manipura will be empowered.

  4. Repeat for Aang. Your Anahata will be open. Empowered.

  5. For Azula, Say, “Azula! Empower me with your lightning! Seal the power within me through lightning!” You will relax immediately and feel electricity run up your spine. You may have a inner vision of Azula shooting lightning at you through your Crown, Ajna, and Vishuddha all the way to your Muladhara(the real meaning of lightning striking the Earth ).

That’s it! You should feel empowered, a little shaky, and a little jittery lol.

Now let’s break this down. Why TWO firebenders for this? Azula and Zuko? Lightning is the Octave of Fire! Fire is wild, free, and uncontrolled; lightning is extremely concentrated. In my UPG, The Sahasrara is the Octave of the Manipura! Instead of yellow fire, you have a furnace of White fire. Pure power.

Now if you want to take this to the next level, here are some things you can do.

Call upon Katara’s Bloodbending aspect(Svadhistana,bloody waters, Gamaliel, Qlippoth)…
Call upon Tophs Sandbending aspect(sand is the higher Octave of Earth)or call upon Gaara from Naruto…
Call upon Avatar Aang(space is higher octave of air)…

Please try this out and report back results!