Fuck Reincarnation?

Can I get an update on this post? Im curious what im supposed to do after death and it seems like most mystery schools are obsessed with the afterlife. It seems like reincarnating here again would suck, I´d rather reincarnate somewhere super different or at least be someone way more powerful.

I hear a lot that everyone came here for a reason and they set up there entire life or at least big parts. I kinda resonate with that, but then again I feel it is entirely possible that we got tricked into coming here or a part of ourselves were tied down or fell to this plane.

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It seems that we have chosen to come here and we have planned some life lessons to learn here as far as I know…

Sometimes I just yell at my higher self because of the misery I have to go through, if that makes sense lol.

I honestly can’t believe that I chose this path, or this body, we all seem to have chosen particular bodies and families to be incarnated into. It’s all weird as fuck if you think about it.

When we are born, we don’t remember shit. Some people do remember stuff if they get born with some psychic senses already open.

How am I supposed to communicate with my spirit guides and higher self ?! Or discover my life mission and “life lessons” ? One has to go through years of psychic training en research and introspection, soul traveling astral meetings, visiting the akashic records to finally die, ascend and do it all over again :joy::joy:

When does the cycle end? I know that when people die they can stay for hundreds of years in the astral plane and then they go back to the source, their higher self etc, sometimes they get stuck in the astral, because they think it’s cool to be there.