Fuck parasites. Can I get a scan/read?

I believe I have had parasites and have parasites that cloud my every judgment now. Rookie mistakes and arrogance made this happen. Can someone scan me and tell me what exactly I’m dealing with? I know one of the entities is an astral worm that’s burrowed itself deep and is glowing brightly with my energy it has stole. I’m putting up my wards, banishing, and cleansing. I was blinded by them for so long now I believe, and it feels as if I was just pulled out of the trance I’ve been stuck in forever by mentioning a Demon I used to work with and trust full heartedly. Much love and gratitude to whomever may tell me what I’m dealing with! I have a good idea however I need confirmation.


I cant see what it is as soon as I try to look I got a really bad headache. It was actually in the font of my head and around my third eye.


try this:


I am talking to your parasites. Come into me Possess me As you wish

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@Angelb1083, Thank you for the try, I really appreciate it!
@Angeela, Thanks! That helped.
@jbkbmz, Verywell.

They’re gone now, much love and gratitude to all of you, I really appreciate it!