Frustrating results in hearing

I don’t think so since you did get something from him.
Maybe he wants different questions since he answered the first one.

yeah I had a space under my questions to write the answer as E.A says in his course.

yeah maybe your right … hmmm I will try agin.

Work on truly meditating. Place your mind on a single object. Refine your mind, take spiritual bath, fast, sleep deprivation, and saturate your body with energy


I will meditate on my reverse pentagram as i can really focus on that


4 fold breathing. As well as really using your gut and not your head is important

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So I meditated for 15mins.

then looked and opened Sastans sigil.

stayed in rapture with a clear mind for a long long time. nothing heard but the sigil opened as normal then this time the white paper the sigil is drawn on started flashing a golden yellow and continued to do this untill I was interrupted.

but no voice yet.

any experience with this???

Not everyone has an easy time accomplishing what you are trying to do, my best advice is keep practicing and carry on a conversation even if you can’t hear them yet.

If you want a tougher approach. Are you able to fast from food and water for a day? If water is an issue at least 12 hrs.

If you can fast, do that and try again before eating or drinking.

You can meditate while lying down as well. Just be open and don’t expect the spirit to talk to you just let anything flow and start talking.


I will try this

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Okay good luck, just remember don’t obsess or it will stop the work. bro I will updated.

I’m also saving for JS Garretts rite of diefication

Any progress?

no mate. but it’s my first night off. so I’m going to sit in darkness with candles and sigil and talk

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